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    AntiAddict Revisited [1.4.6] - Limit some players' playtime on your server

    Version: v1.9.5

    Because Bukkit is moving to DevBukkit, we moved to the DEVbukkit page!

    Outdated Post (open)
    Outdated Post (open)
    Outdated Post (open)

    If you are an admin who really cares about the players of your server, there might come a day when you recognize that some of them got addicted to the game and really play to much on your server.
    AntiAddict is a plugin which allows you to limit the time specified players can play on your server between two restarts (so normally it's daily).

    The first developer of this plugin was Phiwa, who wrote most of the code. He read a plugin request by wuppieigor and recognized that there are some server admins who really care about the players on their server and do not only watch the number of slots they manage to fill.

    After a long time and finally releasing AntiAddict, a lot of Server Admins became familiar with it and started to love it. Unfortunately, Phiwa had a busy time and couldn't update his plugin anymore. All were sad. I decided to step in. Staartvin. I'm the new main developer of AntiAddict and I will do my best to make this plugin even better than it was!

    • Ability to set which players are 'addicted'
    • Possibility to change Kick and Timelimit messages
    • Simple commands for adding or removing players to a 'addicted' list
    • Ability to check how much time you have left till you're kicked
    • Easily see which players are 'addicted'
    • Permissions used for commands
    • Ability to limit all players on the server with one simple toggle

    What is shown to addicted player: [​IMG]
    What is shown in console when addicted player logs in:
    What is shown when addicted player gets kicked:
    What is shown in console when addicted player gets kicked:


    • /antiaddict <on|off> (De)activates AntiAddict.
    • /antiaddict left Shows the time the player has got to play.
    • /antiaddict commands Shows a list of useful commands of AntiAddict.
    • /antiaddict about Shows useful information about AntiAddict.
    • /antiaddict addicts Shows the list of addicted players.
    • /antiaddict addicts <add/remove> <player> Adds/Removes a player to/from the 'addicted' list.

    • antiaddict.admin - Allows the player to control AntiAddict.
    • antiaddict.ignorelimits - Gives the player the ability to ignore the timelimits for addicts if LimitAll is set to true in the config.
    • antiaddict.lefttime - Gives the player the ability to check how much time he/she has left before getting kicked.
    • antiaddict.addicts - Gives the player the ability to see the list of addicts.
    • antiaddict.addicts.add - Gives the player the ability to add players to the list of addicts.
    • antiaddict.addicts.remove - Gives the player the ability to remove players to the list of addicts.
    Download Link:

    On BukkitDev!


    • Version 1.5
      • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R1.0 [#2149]
      • Added better permission system
      • Now really fixed spelling mistakes ;)
      • Added command to see how much time you've left before getting kicked
      • Added warning when your time on the server is almost over
      • Added method to add/remove players to the 'addicted' list in-game
      • Cleaned up code
    • Version 1.4
      • Fixed some spelling mistakes and bugs.
    • Version 1.3
      • Added the option "LimitAll" to the config. If set to "true", this limits all players' playtime ignoring the list of addicts.
        IMPORTANT: Please delete the old config (maybe backup the list of addicts before), the new version's config changed and it won't update itself, but create a new config when no old config is found!
    • Version 1.2
      • Update to Craftbukkit 1.0.1-R1 [#1597 ]
    • Version 1.1
      • Fixed two spelling mistakes.
    • Version 1.0
      • Initial release
    If there is anything you would like me to add, simply ask for it.

    Known Bugs:
    • When server is reloaded, the plugin will break and the server needs to restart again.
    • Sometimes the plugin creates an empty config (Will be fixed soon, short-time solution here)
    If you find one, please report it here.
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    Nice job, looks dandy for many servers.
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    It is great to see that the project lives on even though I do not have the time to maintain it anymore.
    Thanks Staartvin!
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    Great, AntiAddict lives on. :)
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    Yes! :D
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    I'm afraid I'm addicted to this plugin xD
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    Haha. Good to hear ;)
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    Well I got the plugin looks amazing put it on the server as soon as someone joined it repeatedly came up with error messages
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    If you do not give Staartvin a log of those messages, he cannot help you...
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    Ill comment the error message some other time!
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    You realize you just made a plugin that makes people NOT play on your server as much?
    You probably won't get many donators on your server...
    Nice plugin otherwise!
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    Haha this made me laugh :) nice plugin too but I won't be using it since I want ppl on my server :)
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    That's what I mentioned when I wrote this plugin, but I think it is good to keep it up for the people who actually use it... :)
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    Then servers lose people, as the people will just go to a new server that doesnt have this plugin.
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    Wow, even though this was already posted by several users and already mentioned by the author, there are still people who keep on posting it. :confused:
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    Maybe make it more noticeable with larger text, underlined and bold.
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    Could you please add a function that gives people only onetime some ingametime and not everyday? This would be grate for guests...
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    I see what you mean. You want it so that players can join one time, and play for X minutes. Once they have reached there limit, they can't play anymore? If that's what you mean, it's kind of hard to do. I could make a list of players who are guests on the server, but the problem is that they won't be automatically changed to non-Guests.
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    I already started this when I maintained the plugin and I used a Database to store the playtime of guests and check it on login... :)
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    Hmm, the problem is, that it won't automatically deletes players from it. You have to remove them manual..
    Plus, writing/reading to database is horrific :p. But i'll try to look for an other solution.
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    When I am allowed to do it, I would try to do this for myself, but i will have to decompile the plugin...

    Ps: how can make a new thread in "Plugin Releases"?
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    You could load the DB into a Hashmap and save it on server-shutdown. :)

    You must create one in "Plugin Submissions". After that a member of the Bukkit-Team will apporve your plugin and move it to "Plugin Releases".
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    This is a great plugin! *adding myself to the addict list*
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    Hi, can you please add multiverse support? I'd like to limit play time on the creative map of my server, this would greatly increase the use of this plugin for others.
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    My parents would love this one :p
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    why should you limit your playtime
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    Because some admins care about their players and some younger players might get addicted...
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    so my users said there time reset twice in one day ?? whats the problem here it may have been when i restarted the server maybe its really anoyying?
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    but that is the respnsebility of the parrents!!!!!!!!!

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