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    Vote on your Server With Minetop plugin for Minetop ranking

    With this plugin your players can vote directly for your server from your Minecraft server in using a simply command : "/minevote" who genere a secure captcha for vote.

    Before anything else, you must register your server Minetop (our site rankings Minecraft servers) to get a key to enter the configuration file.

    Plugin version: v0.1
    Compatible with: 1.3.2-R2.0
    LINK BUKKITDEV (click here)
    Setting Up
    1 - Enter your server on Minetop to get your key
    2 - Copy the plugin in plugin folder
    3 - Start the server for generate config.yml in Minetop folder
    4 - Open and edit the file "config.yml" and change the value of line "key" by your key
    5 - End : Restart your server

    Player commands
    /minevote : Vote for your server

    Admin commands
    /minetop config : Show the setting
    /minetop announce [on/off] : Active announce or not
    /minetop delay [minutes] : Change the announce delay
    /minetop reload : Reload the setting

    Coming soon
    Adding a reward system (optional)
    Choice of color for the announcement

    Minetop Links
    Ranking of Minecraft Server : Minetop (click here)
    Documentation on the plugin (click here)

    You find a bug? Thank you contact me at this address: [email protected]
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    give me "The server is currently offline",but i don't know what is the "key" in the config!!! please help me ty
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    Trés bon plugin qui marche parfaitement. Ca serais possible d'intégrer les couleurs pour les annonces ? Merci :)
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    Pas tout le monde peut parler francaise :)
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    Alfie Cleveland

    Je me suis inscrit avec les TheWalls nom de connexion, mais je n'ai pas reçu l'email d'activation.

    I registered with the username 'TheWalls' but I didn't get any activation email, any idea why?
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    l'email se trouve dans les courriers indésirables. (email is in spam)
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    Alfie Cleveland

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    English :
    Hello, the site is in beta, thank you for letting me report :)
    I'll fix this error immediately.
    I have activated your account, you can now add your servers.

    Français :
    Bonjour, le site est en beta, merci de me l'avoir signaler :)
    Je vais réparer cette erreur de suite.
    J'ai activé tous vos comptes, vous pouvez désormais ajouter vos serveurs.

    Oui je le fais pour la prochaine version :)
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