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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by clone1018, Aug 18, 2011.

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    Hmm yeah, it's not really a helpful test for stuff like this. That said, I'd be interested in how each language would perform with something like this.
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    My blog is written in Ruby, if you're interested. It uses a flat-file backend based on markdown. The engine and markdown parser is pure ruby, no C extensions, and it still performs decently, eh?

    Even though Ruby was the worst performing in the benchmark.
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  3. If things don't improve I'll have to setup another version self-hosted, which dosent really make sense. So yea, if you'd like me to put some funds for better hardware, I'd be happy to do so.
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    That sounds really condescending. It's an open source project, so if you want, go host it yourself. If you have complaints about stability, setting up your own self-hosted makes perfect sense.
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  5. This project as you know is used by all the big Minecraft websites, and i'm assuming they would like it to work as it did when it was first released. I'm simply trying to help, nothing more.
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    Minotar now does 4 billion requests a month, on one dual core, machine. That's 1500 requests per second. Klein (the super duper php framework we use) has been benchmarked at 2,500/requests a second.

    This is my first time handling a website this large, so forgive me for the moments it's been down, you are of course welcome to host our API yourself, or provide a public mirror of it, doesn't really matter. Our uptime isn't really that bad though: http://stats.pingdom.com/tulms6t7h9de/679141

    Eh, I've rewritten Minotar in NodeJS using a cluster and direct ImageMagick bindings, (this is using nodejs as the web and application server) and Minotar.net (Nginx + PHP) was still able to outpreform it. I don't think this was NodeJS's intended usage. I have considered rewriting Minotar in C or C++ and using something like G-WAN so it would be "just" the webserver. But I'm not smart enough for C/C++.

    New Stuff!
    Alright so I've updated the topic, but as always for the most recent information regarding Minotar, please visit us at Minotar.net or clone1018 on twitter. Also I added a couple of things to our site, check it out!

    P.S.: Does anyone know how to make the bukkit forum ALWAYS notify me of new posts in a topic?
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    Top-right of the page, Watch Thread, tick the box that says "with email notifications". :)
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    Ah there we go, had to unnotify and renotify.
  9. That's no problem, I might look into a self hosted option. I didn't want to come across rude or anything. Great job on the service.
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    https://img.minotar.net/helm/Yaystenny/100.png says otherwise for being fixed :(
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    it will be nice to give us html so like buycraft put it in our website for recent perchance.
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    Could u make this to an Xenforo addon? :D Would be awesome!
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    Well if minotar has inet probs, "I" could be an mirror, should be fine with 60mb/s down 9-10mb up with 250Gb of bandwidth. Try it by yourself

    But I think it needs things that I cant afford... Oh well =P

    I'm using it for my own pleasures :p Querying current online players using xpaw's PHP query, I added tha <img> tag to load faces from my webserver <3 Want an example? [link] I could make one for your server :p PM me if interested <3

    clone1018, I would like to thank you for this :D I like player skins and you're the best :p
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    Hey guys, been awhile. I just wanted to check in and let you guys know we recently migrated Minotar from PHP to Go! So far uptime, stability and request latency has improved quadruple times over. I blogged about it here: https://medium.com/p/c6eeed2eb190

    Thanks, tell your friends!
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    Thanks for that, it was an interesting read!
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    How we can mirror it? I'm using SSL too =) PM me, if interested :p Sure I will say yes, heh glad to help

    Now its harder to modify the file now, I need to add the /player/ thing manually and I dont know that kind of language, never heard of it ._.

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    It's Golang, a low level awesome language from Google. Instead you should try making a ticket on Github.

    We don't link to public mirrors but you're free to run one by just following the install instructions.
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    I haven't looked at the coe, but they were *probably* cached at different times
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    The 'avatar' isn't incorrect, if you look at the skin file. Not sure why the skin file is like this, though.

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    That isn't what my skin looks like...
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    Appears to be down?
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    It's working properly for me, what's your geographical location? (Since Minotar is basically a CDN)
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    clone1018 Also appears to be down for me, though some pictures looks like they're cached.
  27. I use this in my gui. Thanks!
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    Only noticed because all the FBO Minecraft association heads broke. Seems fine now, but UK for reference
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