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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by clone1018, Aug 18, 2011.

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    Most likely not, I don't understand IP.Board at all :p
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    I've got it!

    ./admin/sources/base/ipsMember.php > Line 2608 & 2615 > Replace:

    ipsRegistry::$settings['img_url'] . '/profile/default_large.png';

    'http://minotar.net/avatar/' . $member['members_display_name'];
    Working on IPB 3.2.3

    Create the IPB hook if you want. Credit to me? :)
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    This is going to be added in my GUI.
    what uptime do you have?
    When I added localization to my GUI, It worked 2 hours after the release, then the API server blocked (They said "unlimited" -.- However, It was free. Now hosting on my own, works better.)
    don't want to expierience that again.
    How does the limit work?

    I can't access the files automaticly?
    My program tries to get image and save local: 404 Not found
    I enter Exactly the same URL: Get the correct avatar.
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    See that's the problem, I don't know how to convert that into a hook :\
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    If I find time, I do on the next week. :)
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    Hmm, I always get a 404 error when trying to get the image using my GUI.
    However, the URL is correct.

    Can this problem be caused by the custom User Agent or similar?
    Or what could cause this problem?
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    @clone1018 Some people have change his skins one month ago and the Minotar is already the same. Is there a specific update time? Can you make a "request update" thing in the website or something similar?
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    I was wondering the same thing, because I changed my skin, but various projects which I use Minotar for haven't updated.
    There's probably some kind of cache system in place. Maybe it's broke?
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    I think that Minotar download the avatars in a server and this server can't update once a minute all the avatars. It's strange because the avatar of one of my users don't work, but the helmet do.

    See: http://minotar.net/avatar/Pelle_13 and http://minotar.net/helm/Pelle_13
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    That only works if the user has not uploaded an avatar. So you are only replacing the default "No Avatar" avatar.
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    I'll clear the cache sometimes today, it's gotten so big that not even rm -rf can fix it :(
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    Should probably Cronjob clean it :p
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    Can't with the current service.
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    Yeah, but I add this to my forums and I want that the users can put their own avatar :)
  15. Great plugin for Wordpress. Gives the site in my sig a better minecraft feel :)

    Also @Korrosive did you get the Minequery plugin to utilize Minotar avatars like the way mcserverlist has it btw?
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    Yes, one month ago I adapted Minequery to show Minotar avatars instead of player's nick, but my web received many visits and the server does not support as many requests, so I delete it :/
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    Explain? Your server or my server?
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    My server. When someone reloads my website, Minequery send a request to my server. If a lot of users visit my website, Minotar send a lot of requests and the player experience isn't the best :)
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    Has anyone fixed this yet??
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    'http://minotar.net/avatar/' . $member['name'];
    Will change it to the member's username, rather than their display name.
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    Will this every be available to utilize on Xenforo?
    Would really like that.
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    Kind of a late reply, but I did the following back when I made my playerlist for my Xenforo installation.
    Basically, what I did was I created a cronjob that would pull data from the minecraft server every x minutes. That data would be converted into an JSON file and be loaded through PHP. I found that it was a LOT faster than running 1 query on every page reload, especially with more than 150 consecutive users at the same time.

    See the file I am talking about here (updates every 5 minutes):
  24. clone1018 Domain name up for expiration. Will you be renewing the domain? Also looking back earlier in this thread, is there a way for us to store the avatars locally? Minotar seems to have been up and down the past week
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    :( Yes, it's a problem...
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    Created on: 06-Apr-11
    Expires on: 06-Apr-13
    Last Updated on: 07-Apr-12

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    Yes! It works! :D
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    Haven't messed with XenForo templates for a while, but if you have a custom field for a Minecraft name (pick up the Minecraft plugin from the addons on the XenForo site by the way, it ensures the account exists!) then you should be able to just use it in the <img /> tag.

    If you couple that with an <if> you could theoretically throw a quick custom field into options so the user can select whether to use that or their avatar as well.
  29. Hey I managed to make a template for xenForo. It took a bit of time to make since it was my first plugin. If you want an example of it goto www.divinedynasty.net/forums Sign up there and then choose your avatar. You have the option to either upload one, or use Minotar's service. If you would like this we can chat via PM.

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    This is very cool, I like the way I have my avatar now though.
    I may use it on other forums
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