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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by clone1018, Aug 18, 2011.

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    Hey! I'd like to show you guys something I made about a year ago that has gotten an average of 4 billion requests a month. It's called Minotar! And it's basically an api endpoint for your skin in Minecraft. It's usage is simple and should fit most needs.



    Using our API is simple. For basic usage provide a username like so:
    HTML5: <img src="http://minotar.net/avatar/clone1018">

    Setting a size is even easier. We use pixels and we only need the width. Just add it to the end.
    HTML5: <img src="http://minotar.net/avatar/clone1018/100">

    Since some services require an extension we've added simple support for it. Just add .png to the end.
    HTML5: <img src="http://minotar.net/avatar/clone1018/100.png">
    HTML5: <img src="http://minotar.net/avatar/clone1018.png">

    You can find more info and some plugins here.

    Project Page: https://github.com/Axxim/Minotar
    Please submit all requests there ^
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    dark navi

    Any chance we can get the files to host our selves?
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    What for?
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    dark navi

    So we can host the files ourselves? I don't feel comfortable being dependent on files hosted on other people's web servers.
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    I think that kinda defeats the purpose lol...
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    so basically this hovers above the players head near their name? this would be interesting if when you chatted this would show next to the name :D
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    Rewrote it from scratch, new design, should be able to handle 5000 requests per second, at minimum.
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    Cool thing!

    Only one advice: Introduce a maximum size, or the some evil person could overload your server (maybe 1000)
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    We had 1000 as the limit but I forgot to include it in the rewrite :p, it's in there now.
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    Pretty awesome :D
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    It would be nice, when you can make an API for the whole skin.

    It's very nice!
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    Really nice. Thanks! :)
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    Yes, very convenient.
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    tha d0ctor

    I stole your idea ;)

    I edited the wordpress widget Minestatus to utilize Minotar, I'll post the SRC

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    this is super awesome!!!
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    Looks nice, I think I might replace user profile pics with this on mcserverstatus.com
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    tha d0ctor

    any word on the xenforo version? keep up the good work!
  19. Using this for the Buycraft plugin now, for an example:


    (Its the "recent donations" part on the right.

    Good idea, really simple and saved me an hour creating it my self.
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    Can we integrate this into SpaceBukkit? This is an awesome tool and we would love to include it instead of writing one ourselves that does the exact same thing! :D
  21. its an open and free api, your aloud too.
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    That's good news :) thanks for your statement, I wasn't exactly sure
  23. no probem, the api is simple and easy to use, nothing to it. Btw im not the developer, just saying.
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    I know, but you have that shiny violet badge on your profile, it's confidence inducing :p
  25. Haha, yea i suppose it is :p Check out my plugin, it actually uses this api :)
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    I'm building a website with this right now, it works awesomely, but it doesn't seem to work for myself. All I get is a black square. http://minotar.net/avatar/efstajas/
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    Yeah the IPB hook doesn't work.
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    Yes sorry, the IP.Board plugin was never finished.
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    And will be finished?
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