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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mrvertigo27, Jul 5, 2011.

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    my server info is below
    i have a few hickups that i have searched for and gotten some general info on however no solid advice that i can use...... easily

    cant keep up messages. from my understanding the most likly cause of this is a faulty plugin (right?) if so the solution is to stop and restart my server a billion times and let it run to see if i can weed out the trouble makers (would just enabling and disabling using minecraft mobile admin work? [this would be more ideal as not to disturb my users as much.])

    my upload speed on my box is abound 1 meg which is the max i can send to my users. this seems low does anyone elce have a cap this low using time warner cable internet? my hardware can handle more users but i need to figure out something with that bandwidth.....

    i hear much chatter about multithreaded plugins and the benefits/caveats there of i am also not noticing many plugins boasting this as a feature, or having multiple versions available. am i missing something?

    any help would be appreciated as google seems to not be much help in getting strait and direct answers on these questions in particular.

    i hate to bump however advice would help me out a ton.

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