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    I was thinking to get a tax system to our server so that a "government" could build up a city and society, in general stand for Infrastructure and such.
    But instead of a Tax system where the government gets income through taxes in Economy Value, it would be interesting if it was more straight-forward, the tax is in blocks.

    For example;
    A player mines iron, for each (rough example) tenth iron mined this will automatically go to a Government Vault (Chest?) These assembled iron ores could later turn into Railways for the city.

    And another same example, to even get the collected gov. iron into Iron Ingots the government would need coal for smelting.
    For every 20 coal a player mines this will be send directly to the governmental vault.

    In this way the Tax system would be much more, say instant. Make direct changes and resources for the general good, of course a Mayor/President or similar governmental employee would need to craft/construct.

    I know that it could go like this though Player with money-> Tax -> Government buys from players resources -> Build community.
    But I really would think, in my own opinion that is that it would be more fun with the block taxing.

    I don't know if there is a mod that does this, I do not know how possible it would be to code (but I imagine its do-able) and I do not know if that many would agree, but I think it could be a good alternative!

    Thanks for reading and please tell me what you others think!
  2. Very interessting Idea. Would like to help you, but I'm unable to do that. :/
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    I think I may be able to start working on this soon! :)
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    Glad some like the idea!

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