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    Suggested name: MinerLT

    Description what plugin should do: When player mine one Diamond, hi must wait for example 5 minutes before he can mine another. This should work with all ores. It would be good if in config i can set time interval for every ore individually.

    Ideas for permissions: - Minerlt.bypass.[ORE_NAME] - Bypass timer for ore.
  2. myrrdin777
    On it. Give me a couple of minutes :)

    Xenforo apparantly doesn't like Mediafire links anymore, so I made a dummy page on my website where you just have to copy and past the link from there into your browser.

    Download: http://www.project-x.me/x/?p=MineLT

    In the configuration file, you can specify ANY block you like, as well as the delay in seconds. If you'd like to bypass the delay, you need the permission "minelt.bypass". Hope you enjoy.

    Also, due to the fact that I could not find a similar plugin on BukkitDev (someone feel free to check), I will post this on there sometime in the near future and all future updates will be on BukkitDev :)
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    @The Gaming Grunts Thanks for plugin, but there is error -
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    @The Gaming Grunts,
    hmm, I think I wrote bad plugin description. My english not so good and I don't know how to explain what I want so I created config. I Think, you will understand:
    @The Gaming Grunts, And can you add messages file? I want to translate messages, becouse I dont't like when in my server are english messages, sorry :/ Not all my server players understand english.
  5. myrrdin777
    Will do. You should have mentioned the amount in your original post :p Don't worry about it though ;)
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    @The Gaming Grunts how long it will take?
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    If he doesn't get back to you I'd be interested in developing the plugin.
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