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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Polishgaming, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Before you read, please note that I'm looking for a large-server management, not some 1-world 50 player server.

    My server that I have been working on is coming along fine, but I have a few questions:

    - How would a Minigames server be orginized?

    I don't know if some of the large ones(Lets use Hypixel) use BungeeCord to connect all of the minigames. I.e. HUB -BC- Paintball -MW- Arena. Where as BC is BungeeCord and MW is Multiworld. Is it all connected through BungeeCord, even the Arenas?

    - Storage

    I know I would need a Dedicated server(or a lot) to run the server, One for the Site and possibly the MySQL DB. How much MySQL storage will I need? Will it be able to store all the PlayerData? Would I need multiple DB?

    - Hardware

    This comes down to the floor. I want a HUB, where It takes you to the MGs and shares Economy. Would I need a Main Ded server with a LOT of ram/memory to run it, or little ram and no memory because of the DB hookup?

    - Overall Layout

    I have many setups in my mind, here are the ones(tell me which one is better).

    > HUB server with BungeeCord hookup to MG servers, where the Arenas use MW.

    > Multiple HUB servers with the MGs and Arenas all just worlds.

    > One overall server with HUB, MGs and Arenas all worlds(a hell of a lot to ask for).

    > Another setup?

    Please, if you ask why I'm asking this on here rather than Spigot, its because I like Bukkit more than Spigot as well as more support.

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    Some of the larger ones use Bungee, can confirm.
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