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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by cucci0, Sep 24, 2014.

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    Hey, i came up with a cool minigame!
    When you enter a portal (defined with worldedit if it's possible) you will be teleported to a lobby ( /wolf setlobby ). When 2 players is in the game a countdown from 60 starts. When it reaches 0 you will be teleported to the arena ( /wolf setspawn ). It will be a limit of 20 players. After everyone spawned in the arena it's a countdown from 30 to run away. When it reaches 0 a angry invincible wolf will spawn with speed 2 and it chase every player. The last player standing wins! If it's possible i want it to be really smart and choose the nearest player and then continue to the next nearest player. And every player will have a sugar in their first slot, and if you right click it, it will disappear and you will get speed 5 for 5 seconds. If you die you will leave the game and be teleported to the spawn ( /wolf leave ) And if you do /wolf leave you will be teleported to the same place! ( set with /wolf leave )
    It needs to save your inventory before you enter it, so if you had 5 diamonds before you entered you will still have them when you leave, and if you leave or die when you play you will loose the sugar.
    If you decide to make this, please be active so you can fix bugs and update it if it needs!
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    Sounds cool! I will try to make it.:)
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    Nice idea, xyfonix let us know how it goes :)
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    I'm finished! It should work (it did on my machine). You can first set the portal area with a wooden axe and do /wolf setportal.Then you can set the lobby and arena by standing on the correct location and facing the direction you want you players to face and then execute /wolf setarena and /wolf setspawn.
    These commands are by default only possible when you are OP. The permission is changeable in the permissions.yml using:
    • wolf.setportal
    • wolf.setlobby
    • wolf.setspawn
    • wolf.leave
    You can go to the lobby by stepping inside the portal. After 2 players joined a countdown of 60 seconds will start, this is visible in the xp bar (of course the original xp amount is saved). After that the players get teleported to the arena. Again a countdown of 30 seconds. After that the wolf is released and targets the closest player. All the players get at the same time the speed sugar that they can use to get speed 5.
    And yes, kinda like you asked for:p .

    Have fun!
    Download link: https://copy.com/DNq8IhHfcsb01YxO

    Of course if you find any bug, error, idea, suggestion or glitch I will fix/make it for you. If you find a bug please also say wich Bukkit version you are using
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    xyfonix What do you have against instantiating? I've never seen so much static in my life. xD
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