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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TheStrafeMC, Feb 1, 2015.

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    I was wondering if any developers could make me a minigame plugin.

    The minigame is basically one player gets a bunch of powers / buffs. The player is trying to kill all the other players will all there buffs and they will be in the air.

    On the other hand the players on the group will be trying to avoid all the powers / buffs. The players will get 5 enderpearls to try and escape the overpowered player. But theres accualty no way out. The last player on the ground wins.

    Some of the buffs that the "Sky" (OverPowered Player) will have are:

    TNT: That they can launch with a cool down. And it blows up. It will be like a time bomb they can use this every 10 seconds.
    Nuke: Big Tnt Bomb that will launch out of the air the will come riding an arrow.
    Bomb: Blows up and arrows go everywhere
    Fire: Bomb blows up fire goes everywhere and also smoke particles. 7 blocks around the bomb
    Slowness Bomb: A bomb that blows up and gives players slowness 1 in a 20 block radius. For 20 seconds.
    Fire Sword: Sword that shoots fire balls.
    BowAimbot: Bow that fires 2 at all players.

    Now for the players.
    They get five enderpearls.
    Donators get speed.
    Chain Armour.
    Knockback 2 Wooden sword so they can knock other players away.

    The map needs to reset due to the explosions.

    Just make commands. I don't care what they are.

    I need permssions because of the Donators.
    Just make a list of permissions that are built in to the plugin.

    {player} has died {reason}.
    Game will start in...
    Game will end in...
    {Player has won the game}
    Welcome to The Sky is Falling:
    The Sky is {name}
    You are {role}

    Your allowed to put lots of credit in this plugin.

    A tool to select the map.

    Lobby Signs:

    Thanks for making this plugin

    Thanks Again:

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