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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by GreekTech, Sep 6, 2015.

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    Category Minigame

    Name Mob Fight

    Hello I came with that idea so you have a waiting lobby when 8 players join (you can edit
    On configuration) the game starts 1 random player will be the wither it will look like
    Wither to other players and the other 7 will be a random mob like
    A Enderman can trown blocks and have a item that telephoto him in a random
    Place every 30 seconds all mobs will have same health but special abilities is
    No one can heart others expec. The wither and the wither boss all the wither boss will have more health and a sword and the special ability yo trown his heads if the wither kill a mob
    Then that mob will be wither if mobs kill the wither game ends and mobs win I hope
    You understand what I mean

    Promessions: up too you

    Commands: Up to you
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    Isn't that a bit similar to Super Mobs Smash? Or whatever it is called
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