Minigame - Horizental firework deathmath 1.11.2

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jocke155, Dec 21, 2016.

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    Since the 1.11.2 update, exploding firework do damage to entities, so I figured that it would be cool with a minigame that use this somehow, maybe so that the firework travel where you aim, and you need to hit the other player?

    What it does:

    A plugin that makes it possible to have a PvP arena or something similar, where you aim and shoot firework to other players, and try to kill them with the exploding firework.

    When you join an arena you end up in the Lobby/waiting location. Where, you just wait for all players to join and get ready for battle. (This should also safely clear your inventory, that will be given back after the game)

    When the battle starts, you get a kit of items to fight with (Prefer if you can config this).
    This includes the rockets, that you can shoot with and damage players by the blast.

    When the players die, they end up in the spectator area, and get their inventory back.

    The last man standing, the winner will get a reward (Configurable, items, money etc)

    When players are inside the arena, they should not be able to use any commands other then the leave command, they should not be able to exit the arena region, or destroy blocks in the arena region.

    Player commands:
    /hfd join <arena> - Joins a created arena
    /hfd ready - Player is now ready, after joining an arena
    /hfd leave - Leaves a game

    Admin/Creation commands:
    /hfd create <arena> - Creates an arena, with perhaps worldedit selected region?
    /hfd setspawn <spawnxxx> - Sets spawn number X
    /hfd savekit <arena> - Sets your current inventory as the default kit in <arena>.
    /hfd loadkit <arena> - Loads the default kit in <arena>
    /hfd setlobby - Sets the lobby/waiting location
    /hfd setspectator - Spectator area, when you die or leave etc
    /hfd setlobbywall <arena> - Signs where you can join an arena

    Additional commands could be added, but not really needed.


    hfd.<command> (To make it simple)
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    I believe this is Quake, just search up Quake Plugin then you will get some options.
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    johnny boy

    Yes, this is exactly quake! Unless you want a customised version of it, in which case a developer can code it for you (I'm only starting off with programming).
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    I looked up Quake, kind of like that, but I would prefer if the damage comes from the firework damage that came with the 1.11.2 update, maybe they will add that later?
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