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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MCBro911, Jul 8, 2015.

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    @MCBro911 You should probably provide us with more specific information..
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    You claim to be a professional Java Developer, yet you cannot even tell us what doesn't work?
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    "Message Me For Any Further Help!"
    I don't think anyone will be doing this after this post.

    Here is a list of possible problems.
    1. You might be missing some null checks.
    2. You might not be creating the instance the right way.
    3. Some of the other classes referenced might be bad/null.
    4. the config could be null.
    And here are some suggestions:
    1. Why are you just using an Object and then checking if it is a instance of command sender instead of just requiring it to be a command sender
    2. Remove each line that contains '*/' (this can break code, and you should just remove the line if it is unused)
    3. Why did you not instantly set the debug to anything. You can always change it if needed, and it will make sure there are no NPEs.
    4. Format your code.
    5. If the messages return a string, why cast it to a string for the 'prefix' field?
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