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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: DeathRun

    What I want: I would like to start with that I understand the HiveMC have recently released this game on their servers, but due to it being such a popular and amazing game, it would be nice if it could be used by other members of the Minecraft and Bukkit community. Originally, the idea of death run came from GMOD (possibly from Counter Strike too), and it's such a great game to play.

    DeathRun is a minigame with two teams: Deaths and Runners. The objective of the runners is to make it to the end of the map, avoiding any automatic traps and other traps activated by the deaths. The objective of the deaths is to kill the runners using various traps. Traps can consist of: disappearing parkour blocks, disappearing glass floors, obstruction walls, dispensers with flowing water, flaming arrows, and fire moving across an area of ground. All traps will include water in the maps, as it is water that kills you instantly.

    Before the game fully starts, all players should be teleported to a waiting lobby. A countdown timer should countdown from 3 minutes, but can be decreased if more players join. Once at least 12 players have joined, the countdown timer can reduce to 60 seconds.

    Firstly, the Runners spawn into a small area behind a glass wall, whilst the Deaths spawn near to their first trap (close to the runners). Once the countdown timer finishes, the glass wall falls, and the game begins. In each map there can be a series of traps that can be set off by the 'Deaths' using a button next to the trap. The 'Deaths' are located at the side of the runners, and are visible. The deaths can also teleport a certain trap within the map using a compass with a menu (although this isn't really that necessary as they have a speed boost).

    At certain points throughout the map, there are checkpoints that are portals. Once a player walks through the portal, a message should be displayed showing that it is a checkpoint, and the next time they fall into a trap, they will respawn at that checkpoint. In the first stage, all runners should only have 2 lives. By the next checkpoint, they should earn another 4 lives. By the next checkpoint they should earn an extra 6 lives, and so on.

    Different blocks around the map give you special abilities. For example, if a runner was to stand on an emerald block, they get a jump boost for 2 seconds (configurable in config). Runners will also have 'Strafes' (Left, Right, and Back) which will allow them to boost in the direction they have picked). At the end of the game, all runners and deaths are teleported to an area with a podium with who finished the game 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

    Once a runner has finished the map and goes through the last portal, a message should appear to all players that a runner has finished and that the game will end in 60 seconds.

    A really good add-on to this game would be to win money and points (separated) and/or win an item/gem to then exchange for points back at Hub.

    Minimum players required to start: 12
    Maximum players: 22
    Runners: 20 (On a full game)
    Deaths: 2 (On a full game)

    When setting up an arena, traps can be set-up by using world edit for a certain area.
    If it would help, I can make a DeathRun map and send it via PM.

    Ideas for commands:
    • /DeathRun - Main command
    • /dr - Alias to /DeathRun
    • /dr createarena <name> - Creates an arena with the variable <name> (Using world edit Pos.1 and Pos.2) (Admin Command)
    • /dr addspawn runner - Adds a spawn point in the current arena for a runner (Admin Command)
    • /dr addspawn death - Adds a spawn point in the current arena for a death (Admin Command)
    • /dr enable/disable <name> - Disable or enable arena (Admin Command)
    • /dr leave - Leave the arena
    • /dr reload - Reloads the whole plugin and config files (Admin Command)
    • /dr start - Automatically start the arena (Admin Command)
    • Any other command that you can think of for any other features I have suggested.
    Ideas for permissions:
    • deathrun.* - Access to all commands
    • deathrun.leave - Access to leave the arena
    • deathrun.admin - Access to admin commands (start the game,enable and disable arenas, etc.)
    • deathrun.player - Access to all player commands
    • deathrun.start - Access to start the game
    When I'd like it by: Take as long as you like :). Absolutely no rush.

    Many Thanks,


    EDIT: A friend of mine (ryryanator) is now working on this plugin outside of Bukkit. It may or may not be released publicly.
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    Good luck! :)
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    Im interested in this but Im not overly confident I could make it for you anytime soon.
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    Ok. Thanks for replying though :)
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    Working on it.
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    Isn't deathrun from CS?
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    Possibly, but a lot of the games that The HiveMC have are from GMOD. I don't know where it was from originally.
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    I made a deathrun plugin over a year ago, might make a new one if I have time
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