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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Wido007, Nov 25, 2016.

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    Hello guys, I want to ask you about my configuration for minecraft server, tell me is it balanced set? Can core i5 4258u hold 30-40 players (near 40 plugins, bukkit 1.7.10)? And if he cannot- can i7 4500u make it?

    8 Gb RAM,
    64 Gb SSD,
    i5 4258u,
    17 Mb/s download speed ,
    15 Mb/s upload speed
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    It sounds like you haven't purchased this computer yet, as asking about the CPU generally suggests you're customizing it online for order, or are buying the parts to build it. This computer will run you over $300 probably (plus monthly electricity/internet fees). You can order a server online for $3/GB that would be more powerful than this as it would use server-grade hardware, and not bog down your internet speeds, not to mention people getting your IP VERY easily and DDoSing it for fun because there are websites that allow you to do it for free. For what you want, a 3GB server would probably work fine. That would be about $9 a month. If you have $300 to spend, you could get a server hosted for $9/month, equating to having a server running for 33 months, or 2 & 3/4 years (300/9). Not to mention that if you run it for a few months and change your mind, you're only $30 in the hole, not $300.

    Take a look at ProfessionalXen, they offer affordable servers that are powerful (only $2.80/GB).

    Make sure to scroll down for the page text to show.
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    it's mostly about RAM in this case. you can have as many players as you want as more people come online at any one time. if you have decent plugins and a ready made Vanilla server, it's about 80mb/player.
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