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    Plugin Catergory: Fun

    Suggested Name: Anvil Flee

    What I want: I want a mini game so basically thi is how it would work, People join a lobby and can go to signs and the game can be set in config for max players I want players to spawn in like a 22x22 place and anvils drop from the sky when a player gets hit by an anvil they auto die. As the game last longer the more anvils drop. You could also add like points for each time you win so later on you can buy a life. When a player dies by an anvil it spawns them back at the lobby.

    ideas for commands: /AV join [Joins Lobby] | | /AV leave [Leaves game/lobby] || /AV Vote [Let players vote to start game (Starts game when a ceartain amount of votes are done (can be set in config) || /AV Start [Force Starts game] || /AV SetLobby [Sets lobby] || /AV SetSpawn [Sets spawn for players]

    ideas for permissions: AnvilFlee.join || AnvilFlee.Leave || AnvilFlee.Vote || AnvilFlee.OP [All obvious op commands]

    When i'd like it by: Take you time

    If I left out anything let me know i'll add it

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    This sounds pretty epic,
    but maybe that you can create your own arena's to join?
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    Yeah making your own arenas sounds cool

    So is anyone gonna be able to do this?
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    Joshuak52 That's a lot to ask... I can't do this, but maybe someone else can. Though are few users on the forums who could do this sort of thing.
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    scarabcoder I know it's a lot to ask but when it's done I think a lot of players would like to play it
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    Complicated, I despise making minigames because they are difficult.
    You will have to look hard to find someone generous enough to give their time.
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    Deleted offtopic and monetary offer posts.

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