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Does this sound like a game you would like to play?

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    Greetings! I'm developing a new mini-game atm called HardcoreMC.
    It's an ultra hardcore game with 24 players.

    This is how it's played:
    Health only regen by eating golden apples which you might get after 6 minutes when there's a giveaway.
    Monsters start off with +5 damage and every 6:th minute it increases by +1hp.

    The players start in a new world every time the game starts and they're then suppose to build their own shelter for the night and kill the other players until there's only one player left.
    I'm currently working on some kind of awards falling from the sky and will keep you guys updated on it.

    I do beta tests every weekend and are looking for more players that want to participate in the weekend tests. If you're interested PM me! :)

    I'm also looking for youtubers to collaborate with so if you have more than 300 subscribers and want to come check the game out PM me!

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