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    Plugin category: Mechanics

    Suggested name: PrisonMinersLife

    What I want: This is a big plugin, based on mines and miners usefull stuff/warns ect.. it will include
    - Full inventory warner

    When Your inventory is full, it gives you a warn, if you keep mining, it will keep spamming you.
    - Sell all inventory sign

    This thing is very usefull, it sells all the [Blocks] in your inventory, price is specified by [Each] or [Ea], [Stack] or [64]
    $[Price]/ea or 64

    - Sell multiplier
    Multiples the Sell price !
    This plugin should be multiverse friendly, and also, everything should be configured.

    #Welcome to PrisonMinersLife plugin by 'SomeGuy'
    #This is the plugin configuration, you can configure anything here.
    #So, let's start !

    prefix: '&c[&4PrisonMinersLife&c]'

    #Set this to true to enable the plugin.
    enable: true

    #Enable Full inventory warning
    enablewarn: true
    #World that the warning works in
    - world
    - world_the_nether
    - world_the_end
    #Warning message
    warnMessage: '

    &c&lYour inventory is full !​


    #Enable full inventory sell sign.
    enable: true
    #world that full inv sell signs works in
    - world
    - world_the_nether
    - world_the_end
    #Succes Sell message:

    &a&lYou have sold %Amountsold of %blockname for %price

    #You dont have [Blocks] in your inventory

    &4&lYou do not have %blockname in your inventory !


    #Well, Here we go, we're nearly done, just a bit more

    #Enable Multiplier
    enablemultiplier: false

    #What multiplier works with ?
    MinersLifeSign: true
    essentailssigns: false

    #Multiplier Success Message
    SucessMultiple: '&aPrice Multiplied by %multiplier !'

    Ideas for commands:

    Command : /pml reload
    Description : reloads the plugin

    Ideas for permissions: pml.<Multiplier>
    Ex : 'pml.1.1' Multiples the sell sign by 1.1 Yes, it may go crazy if someone is opped, i think you might have a solution for this.
    Permission to reload the plugin

    When I'd like it by: ASAP, Please

    Woo, that was hard to write, hope anyone could make this plugin <3
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    I maybe can make this if you explain more
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    i explained more.
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