minerealm.com was attacking my server and causing the connection reset message to spam

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by lacrosse1991, Jun 15, 2012.

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    About 14 hrs ago my server console began to spam the connection reset message, and even though I took a few drastic measures to try and correct this issue, I could not get it to stop. About an hrs ago I ran netstat to view all network activity and see what was going on when the connection resets, and lo and behold it showed minerealm's ip address attempting to connect to port 25565 of server multiple times per second, yes PER SECOND. After making that little discovery, thought it over for a few mins and decided to ad a new rule to iptables to block from sending any communications to my server, after which "presto" the connection reset messages immediately came to a halt :D so in case anyone else is having problems with the connection reset message, if you are running linux, run this command: netstat -t -u -c and then look for the following in the data that appears: 69-64-69-171.dedi:54748 (that is minerealm's ip address, if you see this at all, there is a good chance that it is causing the problem, so assuming you are running linux (i run a barebones debian install on my machine) simply issue this command to tell iptables to block their ip, which as stated above should stop the gangbanging of your connection reset message by minerealm, let me know if you need any help or have questions :)
    iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP


    the problem was apparently because of a script/coding error, so all is good :) although if you do encounter similar problems again, look for connections similar to this one using netstat in order to rule out any possible issues :)
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    Thanks for posting this. I was getting the same thing and I just run a small server. Strange.
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    Is it me, or does this sound like the dirty work of another DDOS?
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    It happens every minute or so from the same ip to my server as well, had to block the bastards
  5. This isnt a DDoS but an DoS
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    DoS me to. Well maybe do something like ban on bukkit or send message to mojang to disable admins accounts?
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    how do you block the ip on a windows
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    Perfect, thanks for this! The messages were very annoying on my server. I thought it would go away with a bukkit upgrade, but it didn't. Sure enough, minerealm.com was the culprit!
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    1. It is not connecting multiple times per second.
    2. The connections are from the server of a new server list we're in the progress of creating, which you can see if you go directly to the ip ( - hardly an attack.
    3. If you IP block the servers IP, you won't be listed in the directory (as it sees your server as being down). I personally don't care, but it's something you may want to consider.

    We've fixed it so the "Connection reset" message no longer displays.
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    How can you use our servers on your server list without our permission???? 2 days with your [INFO] Connection reset - asshole. Stop it spam and add in ip block your brain.... moron!!!
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