Mineplex Ban GUI (for 1.11)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Techno360!, May 2, 2017.

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    I was really really searching hard for a plugin which is a Mineplex punish GUI (which hooks in which Advanced Bans) which supports 1.11.+.
    It would be an Admin category plugin.

    The suggested name: Mineplex AdvancedBan GUI

    Commands: /p

    Permissions: staff.trainee, staff.moderator, staff.admin.

    I really don't have a preference when I need it. I know it's hard work to make a plugin and I don't want to rush anyone. I know a lot of people would use his plugin if it were made for 1.11. All of the ones right now are only made for 1.8.8 or lower and error like crazy in the console.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Techno360! What would it do? How would it look like? How do you use it?
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    I will make this if you just tell me the information that @timtower requested above, @Techno360!
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    Thanks for taking this on, it is very much appreciated.
    To answer your follow up questions:
    The command would be: /p Techno3600 &Reason and then it would take the reason and put it onto the AdvancedBans Reason

    It would basically be a AdvancedBan GUI. Meaning it would look like this (picture attached).

    The commands (going from Severity 1-3, left to right)

    Chat Offenses

    /tempmute <player> 2h %reason
    /tempmute <player> 1d %reason
    /tempmute <player> 30d %reason

    General Mods

    /tempban <player> 4h %reason

    Client Mods
    /tempban <player> 2d %reason
    /tempban <player> 30d %reason
    /tempban <player> 30d %reason

    (Permanent Stuff)
    /warn <player> %reason
    /ban <player> %reason
    /mute <player> %reason

    Hope this helps, please reply if you have any more questions!!
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    Why can't u just use that plugin?

    Also, Should the Reason be only one Word?

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    Boi, the whole point is it's a GUI!!!
    And the reason should be the last thing in the command, so it would be as many words as needed
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    @Techno360! lol, I mean't the one where you got the pictures from.... xD
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    Those are pictures from Mineplex. I was looking for a remake. Someone has already made one but refuses to update it to 1.11. And that's annoying because it errors every time someone joins, leaves, or opens the GUI.
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    Do you need anymore information to start working on the plugin?
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