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    Darc The Hero

    Current Devs: (none)​
    A quick summaryThe main purpose of this plugin is to bring all the greatness of Animal Crossing right to Minecraft. This plugin will totally change the way people play the game and is intended to be the main plugin of the server. As your read through this plugin, please keep in mind I know next to nothing about plugin development or how plugins work with other plugins (for example: vault and economy based plugins). Give this thread a good read and I hope you'll consider helping out. I'm almost positive this plugin would be a major hit with the community. :D
    The world
    This plugin will work best when limited to towns. I'm not even sure it would work in an open world setting. When my brother and I were brainstorming this idea, we decided on a flat world and terraform tall walls that players wouldn't be able to climb (just like the game). Within this area would be some staff-made buildings such as a shop and clothing store. I'll explain how houses work in a bit.

    Resource collection
    Trees cannot be cut down and rocks cannot be broken. Instead you will shake trees and there will be a small chance of it dropping an item. Players will fish or farm for resources to be used or sold to the shop for money. For the most part building blocks such as cobble, wood, dirt, etc cannot be obtained as there will be no real use for them. There will still be many ways for players to earn money and get items!

    Okay, so you need a place to call your own. The main feature of this plugin is the ability to upgrade your house without demolishing it or moving it. When you arrive to the town of your choice, you will be given a plot. On this plot is a small shack that you will be charged a small-recurring fee for. Rent will be automatically taken out of a players balance. If rent cannot be payed you will be evicted and have to buy another shack. This is to prevent players from joining, claiming a plot, and leaving the server for good.

    Most of these features should be possible with already existing plugins such as WorldGuard and SimpleRegionMarket. Then comes the upgrade system. Players can upgrade their house to a larger house by spending a larger amount of money. This is where we got stuck when coming up with the idea. I was thinking about doing it like this: set up a 10 x 10 x 8 grid on the floor, build the starter shack, and then mark the region and save it as a schematic. Paste the schematic 8-10 times per town and set the regions. When a player claims a plot, they start paying 250 bells a week. After they have 1250 bells, they can purchase a second story. Their rent increases to 400 bells a week. After one more upgrade of 5,000 bells, they no longer have to pay rent as they are considered a serious player. A room is then added on to the ground floor. This process can repeat one or more times at a higher cost until they own an estate (roughly 30x30x20 protected land). That's my take on it, I'd do this with SimpleRegionMarket, but I don't think the plugin is capable of editing terrain or charging a player a high base cost and then a lower rent fee. So this is where Minecrossing comes in.

    Changes to economy
    Money (or bells) will be obtained through various tasks in Minecrossing. Shaking trees will be one method. After left clicking a tree with an open hand, the tree will "shake" and an item may drop. The chance of receiving an item may be as low as 1-2%. There will then be a cooldown of about 5 seconds before you can shake another tree. Another way would be doing tasks for villagers. This is also where Minecrossing comes in handy. Upon right clicking a villager, you will be handed a book. In the book will be their name and the task that needs to be completed. For example, you receive a book from Matt with a task of collecting 20 apples for him. After you bring him 20 apples, he will take them and you will receive 500 bells. These tasks would be instanced for each player so everyone can do the task once.

    There will be a main city in the center of all towns. In the city players can rent a plot to build a shop. These will be more expensive but will allow players to form an economy. And finally another method of making some money will be mining in the quarry and digging treasure. The quarry will be a small area of ore such as iron. After being mined, they will respawn after a set amount of time. And for the treasure, you can mark an area on the floor (/minecrossing settreasure) that will turn into podzol (or any block of your choice). When hit with the appropriate tool, it will return to it's previous state and the player will be given a random reward.

    There will be no PVP or monster/animal killing. This should disabled by default within the plugin. Natural monster spawning should also be disabled (but allowed via eggs). This plugin would give the server a friendlier environment, including PVP and killing of monsters may remove from that.

    The endgame
    This plugin would give Minecraft objectives and a ton of replayability. While working towards owning an estate you could build your own shop in the main city, contribute a rare artifact to your town's museum*, and participate in minigames found throughout the main city.
    (*Rare artifacts would be found while digging treasure. This included but is not limited to
    magma cream, a ghast tear, chain mail armor, animal heads, etc.. the chance of finding
    one would be as low as 0.5%).

    I believe this plugin would be a great addition to the plugin community. I'll add more ideas or information if this project takes off. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any suggestions or if I made a typo just let me know :)
    How we're going to do this
    I'll make a list below with what exactly this plugin will consist of. As this plugin develops, I will put a checkmark next to the sections that are completed. This does not have to be an all-in-one plugin, but it would be ideal. If separate plugins are made to accomplish this, then they should all work together and not conflict.
    • Tree shaking. Left clicking logs (item ID 17) will "shake" the tree. There will be a short cooldown (3-5) seconds before the player can do it again. When a player shakes a tree there will be a 5% chance of an item appearing on the floor. The items will be listed in the plugin config.
    • Treasure hunting. An admin will use the command "/minecrossing treasurespot" to enable treasure placing mode. While in treasure placing mode, you can right click the floor with a golden shovel to activate that block and turn it into a treasure spot. After you set all of your treasure spots, type "/minecrossing treasurespot" to disable it. One random treasure spot will then turn into a block of your choice, in this case it will be grass to podzol. Players will then explore looking for the podzol. With any shovel equipped, they can right click the podzol and it in chat they will see "you found some hidden treasure!" they will then receive one random item from a list of items set in the config, and the podzol will revert back to grass. After a set amount of time, another random treasurespot will activate.
    • Player names. Usernames are ugly most of the time. Upon joining the server, you will have the ability to change your name one time only. This will change it in the playerlist, the chat, and overhead. There should be a blacklist of names not allowed.
    • NPC tasks. This one is tough. Using the command "/minecrossing tasknpc create {name}" it will spawn a villager. The {name} parameter will be whatever npc the admin has created in the config. I will list an example of a task npc:
       name: Niles
            villager: blacksmith
            repeatable: false
            task: "I need some iron and gold for a project I'm working on. Would you bring me 5 iron
                      and 3 gold ore? I can smelt it myself. Thanks!"
              - 15 5
              - 14 3
              - 371 12 
      Using "/minecrossing tasknpc create Niles" will spawn a adult blacksmith. The spawned villages should be invincible and not be able to die. Upon right clicking a player will receive a book named after the villager they received it from. After they have the required items they will right click the npc again to receive their reward. If possible, the book should be removed from their inventory as well.
    • Nugget/ingot conversion. Gold nuggets and ingots should be able to be converted to in-game currency. Possibly with the use of a sign. After right clicking a sign labeled [MCRedeem] all golden ingots and nuggets will be deleted and the player will be a payed a specified amount. The ratio should be configurable. i.e. 1 nugget = 25 bells, 1 ingot = 225 bells.
    • Housing. I'll need to talk to an actual plugin developer on how to approach this. Refer to the detailed housing section above for the goal of this part of the plugin.
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    The mcMMO plugin has that feature and is configurable. Perhaps one could, since it's open-source, use the code (giving credit in the plugin, of course) in this plugin? I just worded that really weirdly, so sorry if there's any confusion. :p

    This sounds more like an MCF mod than a Bukkit plugin to me, since the Animal Crossing games are heavily singleplayer-oriented (with the exception of being able to visit friends' towns online). But this is a great idea nonetheless. If I could do more than make commands that echo a message in a plugin, I'd be more than happy to help make this, hahah. :)
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    Darc The Hero

    Thanks for your support Chris! I've looked into mcMMO and it will not work for what I want unfortunately.
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    Holy gosh that's a god ton of words... I'd offer to help, but I'm not that good at java so I'd need other devs to code too...
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    Darc The Hero

    Haha you should see all the logos and graphics I made for this too. Thanks for showing interest in the project and if you can be of help to anyone who takes on this project I'll be sure to add your name in the current devs section ^^
  6. If someone want to lead this project, I'd be happy to help, but I won't do that since I don't have as much time as I want and some other plugins require my attention as well :)
  7. This would be cool, but Bukkit can't add mobs to Minecraft
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    Darc The Hero

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    Darc The Hero

    I think it would be better to have only a few houses people can go in. All lead you to your own private part of a void world generated. This could make it so you don't need plots for every player in the towns.
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    Some shader packs will make the tree shaking thing not work, But thats because their shader pack will do it :)
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    This sound more like a complicated adventure map that would work with the use of some older plugins
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    Darc The Hero

    Interesting idea.

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