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    Today I received my first every donation to my server of $100.
    I was SO Happy. Now I am thinking about what to do with it
    I have decided to get a server host to make the server have more players and less lag, also 24/7

    My Question is...
    What server host is the best/cheapest? Are they good? If im in the UK, and get a US host, will it lag?
    Is it hard to set up? Can it go all wrong?
    Just things like that

    EDIT: I have like 25 plugins


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    creeperhost.net Cheap and an okay service.
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    Its usually better to get a server in a location you think would be best for general connection for everyone. Yes, if you pick a US server and you live in the UK, then you will get connection lag from the high ping.
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    Will the lag be unplayable?
    And also if I get a UK Server, then will people in America lag?
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    Beastnode. Started off with them.
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    ohh I remember my first donator.. those were the days
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    Well, it depends on location. I don't know what the average ping would be for US/UK connections since it will vary a lot depending on where the network is and where in the country they are. It will be a bit laggy, but again it will depend and I don't know enough about networking to give an accurate estimate for lag by it.

    Me too...not fond memories of that guy :(
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    anymore suggestions?
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    I'm using Vps4Less (21-slot, shared) and it's been working great for me so far. Active support staff, constant uptime and had no troubles paying/registering/contacting them. As for the connection question: It depends on your own ISP/ network stability / ..Connection, to sum all that up. They guided me through the whole installation, plugins, and gave a lot of information how to set things up and right. When I'm not sure what Plugin to use, they recommend good things to me. If I present a vague idea, they find the plugin I mean. That sort of thing.

    I'm connecting from the Netherlands to the USA; I suffer no lagg. I know of a user within the USA that has minor lagg because his ISP is just.. Terrible. Ground cables, ISP, location, bandwith, stability. All factors that decide whether you'll get a good/bad connection. (I'm not a IT guy by any means, so I probably missed out on more things.)

    Can it all go wrong? Yeah. Can it go so horribly wrong that you'll crash the place and manage to produce fire out of a water hose? Doubtful. It depends on what you want to do with the server, and before choosing I recommend contacting support staff from the server to get a good first impression. Pay attention to the response time, the English of the one representing the company, see if they present correct information and all that. Don't be afraid to be picky, and talk to the guys that run it first.

    Look around for a night, browse google and the main pages of sites. Send them all a ticket or look for live support to get a good impression. If they got test servers; Make use of them. See if you lagg and what not.
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    Honestly if you want the best ever support you will get, choose http://iweb.com. Yes there are for higher end servers and bit more expensive, but they are just awesome.
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    I would recommend www.unqhosting.com. I had my server there and I think they're good. They also have instant support which comes really handy. It's all up to you to find the provider you want. It's changes from what needs you have.
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    You better hope so because I just bought it lol
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    If you don't like it you can a refund within 48 hours but I liked them. :) Good luck with your server.
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    no no cubedhost is the cheapest by far and are the most reliable people i know
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    I wouldn't listen to what anyone posts on here ^.^ there probably just linking you to a company they are part of /something along them lines.
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  19. Usually a higher geographical distance will also mean a higher ping, more latency. It also depends on what connections your hoster has to the internet, there are some Backbones that are really fast for intercontinental connections in comparison. So the distance to the host is not the only parameter.

    I can't really help with judging too much, but checking/asking for which backbones the hoster is connected to might be interesting. Example for a (not-the-cheapest) german hoster advertising its own connection: https://server.nitrado.net/eng/pages/connection

    Unplayable... not necessarily. Pure PVP servers usually demand a lower ping. On a mixed server (building + protection + economy + pvp) you might have people from US, AUS, europe and other regions on the same server, even if some have a higher ping. For such a setup a server in france or some other central location might do, if it is well connected.
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    Go with minecrafted.net
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