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    So I would like for someone to make me a plugin that's based off of Nazi Zombies. I plan to make a Zombie Survival server and I thought that this would be great. If anyone is interested, I will list the features below.

    • There will be a main lobby and the different arenas would be Minecraft versions of the CoD zombie maps. (I will make these.) In the lobby are different signs that are connected to the arena lobbies. Click on the sign to enter into an arena lobby. Once that lobby fills up to a configurable amount, the game will start, teleporting them to the starting point of the arena. I would like this plugin to support multiple lobbies, (about 10-20.)
    • After the last man standing dies, the arena and mobs reset automatically. And for those who die, they have the option to spectate or leave and join a different arena. These spectators cannot do anything other than fly and look around. They should be invisible too.
    • The mobs spawn areas should be configurable to where you can use WorldGuard to select the area they spawn at. They cannot spawn until after the game starts. As each round goes by, the amount of zombies/pigmen, (the only 2 mobs I want for this) increases, their health increases, and they deal more damage.
    • You get XP for killing a single zombie, and that XP is used to rank up. The ranks can be configurable and the XP needed too. The zombies also drop gold ingots that you can use to purchase weapons from signs on the walls throughout the map. If you die, you lose all gold, but keep your XP.
    • I would also like so when someone donates, they can use /kit <kitname> and start the game with their preset kit.
    • The only commands that this would require would be commands to set mob spawns, set lobby return spawns for after death, set arena lobby entrance spawn, set arena starting spawn, the option to leave an arena/arena lobby, the option to go to the main spawn, and to check your rank and see how much more XP you need to rank up.
    • Permissions should be made so admins can access all the commands. Player permissions should be made to join an arena lobby, enter an arena, leave an arena, spectate, and check their stats.
    • I would like to have configurable messages for when you enter/leave a lobby, enter a starting game, leave a game, and rank up.
    If you could make this, please leave a comment or PM me. I would really appreciate if someone could. It may seem like a lot, but it would be something for you plugin makers to do or take as a challenge. Thank you!
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  3. Well i think it's totally different than MobArena.
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    That looks good. I don't see that it has where you can have lobbies and what not.
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    Lobbies? Yep. Lobbies, spectating areas... It has lots of features.
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    Have you guys played on the Zombie server Horde.nl-mc.com? If you go there, see how they set their lobbies up. I want my lobbies like that.

    When I start up my server, Mob Arena doesn't work. Says it's outdated.

    I have 1.2.5-R4.0 and I've already downloaded from that link.

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    Update to the dev build. :3 (Or are you using the dev build?)

    If not, don't use the download link. Use the link for v0.94.4.71 (I'm not sure if the BukkitDev download was updated)
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