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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by blargh, Sep 9, 2012.

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    Hey everybody,
    i wanted to create a Localisation API for all Messages. I downloaded the whole Minecraft Source and recompiled everything. I could change alot of Messages, but still searching for the Message "Bad Login" .
    I tried to remove the Methods, but eclipse could not find any Classes that need the NetLoginHandler, actually i would like to change the KickMessage, but this is the Authentification Server Message, isn't it?

    Any ideas?

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    I'm not sure how the 'Bad Login' is handled....

    But may I ask why you have to find out? Because if you're trying to manipulate premium authentication or what-not, that's handled on minecraft.net auth servers, and there's no support for it here
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    Actually i would like to change it. I got alot of Requests from my Users why they can't join. (Because some of them just cant use google; got Premium, but the Session Server was offline)

    I dont want to manipulate anything else. Just change the Message...

    (Alot of my Users don't understand English properly - I just want to help them)
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    As far as I know the "Failed to login: Bad login" message is client sided, so you won't be able to change what it says by using a plugin or editing CraftBukkit.
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    one4me failed to login can be translated. i did not noticed it before, but it is translatable. 'Bad Login' still is the same, so i dont think its 100% client side. The server knows that he disconnects the Player, too i dont think that this is client sided.
  6. All your users have to do is to change their language client side, cause the message is client side, see this from the decompiled client: http://pastie.org/4695305
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    V10lator yeah this part is Localisable , but there is still %s which means there definitly is an input.
  8. The %s is populated by a method that talks to the mojang login session server, not to your bukkit server.

    //EDIT: Found it! :D
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