Minecraft Updated! Bukkit out of date.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DannyCare, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Lol im still running update 1.3 :D
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    Okay so what I did for the Mac to get it to work:

    Download: http://www.file-upload.net/download-3237465/.minecraft.zip.html

    1. Update minecraft to version 1.4
    2. Close MC
    3. Go to (Username)>Library>Application Support>minecraft
    4. Under the bin folder, copy the natives folder somewhere else (desktop will work)
    5. Delete everything within the (Username)>Library>Application Support>minecraft
    6. Copy over the 4 new folders from the minecraft.zip folder (the link above)
    7. Open the bin folder up and paste your old natives folder into it overwriting the one that is there.
    8. Start minecraft, log in, say "not now" to avoid update.
    9. Play minecraft :)

    Thanks to DannyCare, oleerik, CainFoool, & solentice for the guidance.

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    Glad you figured it out Corey, not a problem :)
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    There's a much easier way to downgrade and it works for all operating systems.

    1) Download minecraft.jar for 1.3
    2) Replace .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar with it


    Default locations for .minecraft directory:
    Windows 7: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
    Linux: ~/.minecraft
    OSX: \Users\USERNAME\Library\Application Support\minecraft\

    Enjoy :D
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    For my part, I built craftbukkit changing the version check and it worked. But I guess it's better to wait for an official release :).
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    Found wolves on SMP vanilla tamed them and walked back home. If they get too far back they will spawn beside you, so you won't leave them behind or lose them.
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    wow this thread has grown
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    Yeah this tread is massive!
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    I can't swim against the new water... If the water is flowing and I just walk against the stream without jumping I break even with the current. >.<! Pain in my bum!

    What is the purpose of a wolf? It better be able to maul a skeleton or take the hit for a ssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! encounter. :p

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    I haven't tested this yet, but they are SUPPOSED to attack whatever you attack. Though, I believe I read that they will not attack creepers. PLUS it's kind of cool to strut around with an entourage of wolves.
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    If it won't take too long can you please do this for me with build 556 if possible. If not could you explain how I could do this?
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    This will lead to an unstable server that could cause world corruption, and is highly recommended against. You will also run the risk of server/client crashes.
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    ok, never mind then. we'll all just have to downgrade to version 1.3 until theres a decent bukkit release for 1.4
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    The Bukkit team is working on it.
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    Drakia, you da man!

    *cyber fist bump*
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    is #604 1.4 compatible?
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    605 is 1.4 compatible. Now enjoy dammit! ENJOY!!!
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    ya i understand. i suppose i was just venting some frustration. i Apologize to the CB devs and plugin devs
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    Captain Kirk

    So is it out? I just downloaded the latest and it still says "Server out of date"
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    So we're good to go with the new build? :D
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    No you didn't. You downloaded the latest RB - there has not been a new RB for 1.4 promoted yet. If you must run a 1.4 server, you'll have to use the latest BE build.
    Yes, you are. Lots of fixes and changes coming, so we'll likely not see an RB for a couple hours yet, at earliest.
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    True that. Omg, I love your profile Picture. Lan ;D. MegaMan was my favorite TV show when I was young.
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    Yes, that's why I recommend waiting, it's a temporary solution even if it seems to work for the moment.
    By the way, always make backups !
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    So, anyone find any wolves yet???

    Playing in single-player for now.... haven't found one yet! Anyone have any luck?

    Do Want Wolf!
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    I haven't tried in single player, but I have 2 in SMP.
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    Yeah, I was able to tame a wolf already in vanilla 1.4 server, with my cousin who tamed one also...very rare animals, took 20 minutes just to find a small pack of two. They were near other animals, in an oasis like area with trees, grass, and an underground like pool of water. Weird thing is my cousin hit his wolf by accident, and they attacked him, somehow fought my wolf, and my wolf killed his...hahahaha...couldn't stop laughing for a good 5 minutes...Epic!
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    Netto Hikari

    Using Lan/Netto (Netto in japanese version) as nick/avatar since about 8 years. :) Not gonna change it anytime soon. :p
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    OK... right.. . vanilla server... why do I always forget about that?

    Bukkit, you've spoiled me! :D

    Dang... mad, mad props to the Bukkit team for pulling this together so fast. @EvilSeph, I've been complaining around here a lot, sorry- mainly venting. You guys rock, I want you to know that :)

    Anyway, I've got my server up and running with all my plugins, getting to work on some wolf spells now.

    And, yeah, I'm sure a lot of stuff is still broken, they're going to be working on it for a bit, etc... but, c'mon- there is already a "wolf" in CreatureType- they are really making my day, here! (I see that giant was finally added, too ;))

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