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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Shay Williams, Mar 31, 2011.

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    i had an admin on minecraftforum throwing my program off for virussus cuz his norton saw something fishy
    while it was scanned by multiple users, just ignore false virusscans.
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    1st off i did not say he was trying to add a virus, all i said was it came up with this and i was asking the creator what it was so i know what to look out for with further scans, as i said i know from previous experience some harmless things can set off scanners i was just after some information on the item in question.

    and im getting sick of ppl who dont read entire posts like yourself and jump to conclusions, so please get down off your high horse.

    This is something i do to all files i download that are not trusted files, its not being internetphobic its being safe for a bloody expensive pc, i only asked about this since things like DLOADER.Trojan or Trojan.Win32.Swisyn.acwe are false positives in some game trainers, it was more about finding information.

    And the fact you claim to have an cybercafe with 13 pcs and no scanners just shows how irresponsible you are regarding your members details, i know friends who own cybercafes and they would not even think of letting customers on a pc that has not been scanned for "7 years" as you put it...
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    Thanks a lot! Helped me majorly. :)
  4. Hi

    Didn't want to offend you in any way.... just that well, its actually quite hard to get virusses unless you start torrenting (and even then, I mean if you download scene releases and the .sfv file checks out its legit .. if you ofc download a 14mb file that according to the title contains "furious_five_fullmovie" then your asking for it ...

    I mean heck some pornsites have virusses but then again, you should just visit legit sites such as porntube or xtube....

    Lots of crack files have virusses but again... if you want nocd's or game fixes just go gamecopyworld.com and presto 1000's of game cracks/nocd's and no virusses at all...

    That's what i meant with internetphobic ... I have been using the internet since well shortly after the commercial beginnings (missed 28 but started when 56k was coming around).. As said, i never scanned in 7 years.. (ofc those pc's do get formatted and reinstalled every 2 years or so..) and im sure if I wouldscan it wouldn't turn up anything .. its all about knowing the internet and not trying to download that msn smiley pack that's advertised or clicking that "you are the 1.000.000 visitor to this site, no joke" add ... and if you do then your just mentally challenged or a 8yr old....

    If all else fails and the virus (which in most cases is malware/program that asks you to purchase said program to have it stop annoying you), you can still go back to a previous restore point.... but yes I don't use restore points myself nor windows defender etc ... people sometimes ask me how my pc runs so smooth while theirs takes ages to boot ...

    If they then show me their pc/laptop and I see a billion programs run in the tray on boot including virus scanners (and i say "s" cause yes, ive seen people actually using multiple virus scanners at the same time...) it just makes me cringe .... If I then remove all that rubbish it boots a heck of a lot faster ... (and if all else really files and you can't even boot no more, then first of all its probably your fault for not really knowing the site or link your clicking but anyway, then just boot up using your windows 7 cd (or whatever version) and format & reinstall ... also if you don't want to reserve ur C drive just for windows, partitionate it with c for windows with like 50gb and the other 300-1000?gb you can partition as drive "d", with your real drive d then becoming drive e ofc ....

    Again, learn, embrace and get your sources right for the things you use the internet for, those sources might well be porn, cracks or downloading of games and movies ... as long as you don't start googling "download fifa 2011" youll be fine ...
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    Okay, I'm seeing a little bit of insanity here. Seeing as I have worked for a couple of years in PC Support/Customer Service, and am working (slowly) towards a Bachelor's in Computer Science, let me see if I can't clear up some confusion.

    On the tech support side, it's recommended that you have an antivirus on your machine at all times, and to keep that up to date (providing you are running Windows, though there are some available for Mac and Linux distributions). On ALL types of operating systems, you should check for updates on a regular basis (unless the OS does it for you), and install them.

    Believe it or not, OS updates patch security holes and fix bugs; sometimes they even introduce new features. They're not just useless wastes of space, that's for sure.

    On the topic of antivirus, I've seen some nasty viruses out there. Some are designed to steal personal information (bank logins/passwords and credit card numbers on the fiscal side of things), others are designed to scare you into buying software ("WARNING! WINDOWS HAS DETECTED A VIRUS!!!"), open a backdoor into your system for a hacker to use to launch attacks on other people, or even destroy the operating system because that particular person hates Windows. The point is, whatever the reason viruses were made, they're NOT programs that you want floating around on your computer.

    Back on topic...

    I don't understand how a lot of virus scanners work, but I've heard on the grape vine that some of them look for particular compression algorithms? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if that's the case, false positives make sense; if a programmer uses a compression algorithm that viruses also use, it could fool any scanner that looks for that algorithm as a tell-tale sign of a virus.

    Honestly, if the programmer is kind enough to post the source code for the general community to view, and those more well versed in BASIC than I am call it clean, then I'd say it's a false positive. I'll run a scan myself, and browse the BASIC code (granted, it's been years since I looked at it, and that was VB 6 back in high school), if for no other reason than I'm curious as to how the program is structured and how it's being picked up as a virus.

    Sorry about the long winded post; hopefully it helped a little. ^^'
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    I too have been about since the start of the net, im 33 and trust me ive had my fair share of viruses in the past so i know what to look out for.

    My origonal intention of posting the scan results were to proove to ppl it was clean as i fully support what the creator made, it was not ment as a "look out its got a virus" as i siad.
    I was just after some information about the TR/Dropper.Gen and why it poped up since i know most of the ones that get alerts.

    After reading up it does show the TR/Dropper.gen as a false positive as i expected it to, it sets some scanners off since it can be used to place mailious malware files.

    Ill eddit my scan post to show this, hope this clears up those screaming "virus!"
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    Shay Williams

    Thanks for posting the scan. Please note that this program requires an external, 3rd party DLL (ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib) in order to properly extract .zip archives from its resources. As a result, I used a program known as .NET Reactor to merge it with the assembly (.exe). Unfortunetly, since .NET Reactor is public due to a cracked version, many low-level programmers use it for its obsfucation abilities, in order to prevent the detection of their viruses. As a result, Avira automatically throws a detection if it detects the PE change that comes as a result of using .NET Reactor.

    That error is basically saying:

    "Yo bro, I can't find your installed version of minecraft, what's going on?!"
    Anyway, I'll add an error handle for it and put up an update in a few minutes. Changing a few other things around to work smoother :p.

    Updated, fixed bugs w/ the stupid 1.4_01 (my mistake) and added 1.5_01.


    Download: *snip*

    Thanks for all the support by the way guys :p.

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    Do you happen to have a second mirror to your program? dropbox is saying it has temporarily taken down the links because of high traffic. Great program if it works though!
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    Shay Williams

    Yea, will upload to my dedi, one second.


    There you are :p.

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    Thank you for uploading it!

    ALSO: the only thing Norton doesn't like about it is because only a few people have used it with Norton, and it doesn't know the sight, no viruses found :)
  11. ^^ Link timed out at 20.7MB and now it doesn't work :(
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    Shay Williams

    It works for me; make sure your AV is off, perhaps it's blocking the download? The total size is 20.9MB.
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    Time to share with friends.
  14. Got it to work - it timed out again at 20.7MB so I paused the download and resumed it and it worked fine. Thankyou so much!
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    Shay Williams

    Glad it worked for you :p.
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    Does Minecraft keep older versions of itself installed? As in, is minecraft.jar for 1.4_01 just moved/renamed when the launcher downloads the 1.5 update? If so, then this is just fine.

    If you're distributing older versions with your tool, that's against Mojang's wishes and therefore illegal as they hold the copyright. Silly, perhaps, but true (you can't use the older versions without signing into Minecraft.net anyway, so it's not like it helps pirates).

    If this tool only allows you to swap to versions they've installed since the tool has been first run (i.e. Minecraft itself doesn't make the backups but the tool keeps copies for you) then you can't downgrade to older versions (you wouldn't have copies already, and for the same reason as above it's not legal to get them).
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    Ran it with Nortan and no Virus alert... Thanks for the app bro :)
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    Shay Williams

    It's just a patching tool; it in fact checks to make sure minecraft is installed before it actually allows the patch to take place.
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    Norton 2013:

    Infects mienkraft.

    watdo? jk :> <3 niec application
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    Shay Williams

    LMAO. +1 my man :p.

    Fixed tiny unnoticeable issue which I shall not name lol.

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    You are extremely ignorant. You obviously have no knowledge of computers or judgement of your own. Norton commonly picks up modified files that follow a common pattern viruses use. It's a large exe file with files inside it and a small program, and that's why norton is freaking out because that's what viruses look like often. Norton is really crappy anyways and it's only pushed onto new subscribers of internet and voip and other crap, they don't sell as much copies as say avast.com gets downloads.

    @Shay Williams Thanks for the great tool it is very handy and extremely easy to use so even the most oblivious users could use it haha
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    Shay Williams

    Thanks, that's what I've been trying to tell him lol. Enjoy :).
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    lol using it at the moment and it works fine, no problems =D

    ignore the idiots who say OMG VIRUS OMG, its freeware and they're just missing out.
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    Shay Williams

    As I said, a terrible language lol.
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    Thanks for the program. Just wanted to note, that if you have plugins, they'll get messed up and the texture packs cause my MC not to load (disappears after splash screen) However re-patching with MCpatcher fixes the problem though in 1.5, the textures are screwed up ;)

    So if you're using textures and plugins for single player, it won't be a quick switcher ;) But on the other hand, it gives us choices, and I thank you very much. I'm still waiting for rain or snow though.... LOL
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    your not to smart... he said THAT file will throw errors to norton because THAT exe has less then like 5 downloads, learn to read
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    Shay Williams

    Lol thanks :p!
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    I'm a bit concerned about the legality about 3:rd-party downgrading tools. I have "cloned" your program using python(cross-platform compability) and was thinking about distributing it here on bukkit forums, but I won't distribute it if it's illegal.
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    You are not maintaining the information in a manner which does not violate applicable copyright law.

    Mojang requested no distribution, therefore no distribution. DMCA doesn't even enter into it; you're not patching anything, you are distributing Minecraft.

    I suppose if I where Mojang I'd be forgiving to this as long as you made every effort to ensure no one can extract the old minecraft files from out of your .exe manually, as that would allow people to install the full game without paying.
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    Thanks Shay Williams, very useful and no virus as said, i'm sure of that, verified anyting (AV, connexions made by the prog., and SB) if that is not enough and one says "Virus", i think he can just shuts up xD
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