Minecraft Server Sponsorship (Yes you read that correctly)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by billytheDOLPHIN, Oct 1, 2014.

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    ZexyMichael we could just use ur sponsorship for Empire-MC!
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    XgXXSnipz yeah but we using it for factions for now. I don't think that 2GB could run a minigames server.
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    ZexyMichael lol, ur syntact code in your signature is wrong it would be
    1. sender.sendMessage("No");

    not player.sendMessage()
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    ZexyMichael but that makes no sense, u have to define the player, if u want that to work then do
    1. Player player = (Player)sender;
    but as of now that code makes NO sense
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    1. Idk Coding LOL!
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    Name: Bob
    Age: 9
    Country: USA
    Skype: My mommy says I can't have one D:
    Name of server: SuperDuperGoodServer
    Explain your server (explain well): It will be a super duper good server that players can play on and enjoy playing!
    Why do you deserve this sponsorship (explain well): Because i am really good at minecraft
    What is your experience as far as bukkit servers and plugins go (explain well): I can install them!
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    Name: Pierre
    Age: 4
    Country: North Korea
    Skype: Dontletbadguysgetyou
    Name of server: Mao Zedong
    Explain your server (explain well): It will be the bestest best Factions, Creative, Towny, and all the other stupid generic game types!
    Why do you deserve this sponsorship (explain well): Because Justin Beiber will keep smoking weed erryday if you don't

    Just kidding. And you can prove your trustworthiness by?
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    Oh cool, you're from North Korea too.

    Oh wow nice. I saw Kim the other day, he had a cast on his leg or something haha I wonder what's going on.

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    Name: Dan

    Age: 18

    Country: USA

    Skype: Will give when needed.

    Name of server: Coop MC

    Explain your server (explain well): Well i have been planing this server for about a year now. Gathering plugins and people to help. the only thing im having issues with is the funding.

    Why do you deserve this sponsorship (explain well): Well like I stated before, I have been planing this network for quite some time. I have tested the networks possibility of being popular by running a small 50 slot on my own computer. it was filled most of the time. i just couldn't use my computer while I was running it.

    What is your experience as far as bukkit servers and plugins go (explain well): I have owned and been staff on many servers before just have not had the money to keep funding them. i have been playing MC since Alpha times.
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    Name: Connor
    Age: 14
    Country: US
    Skype: cococonnor
    Name of server: DragoCraft
    Explain your server (explain well):
    It is a hub/Survival server where players can play mini games to earn in-game currency, which they then spend at a shop to get items for their Survival world. Players can also save up money to buy VIP or Mod. It has fully-functional permissions and a sell shop, and I intend to add Votifier and BuyCraft if I can secure quality hosting. It also has an amazing hub designed by one of my talented friends.
    Why do you deserve this sponsorship (explain well):
    I am currently using Triangle.gs's free hosting; however, Triangle is often offline or glitchy. I would love to expand my server and make it truly amazing with quality, 24/7 hosting. I would have bought hosting, but my parents won't allow it :mad:. If Triangle happens to be online, check it out at dragocraft.us.to:26625
    What is your experience as far as bukkit servers and plugins go (explain well):
    I was co-owner of a home-hosted server called MCSURVIVAL over the summer. I was in charge of plugins and Bukkit in general, and I have lots of experience with setting up plugins and permissions. I did all of the plugins work on DragoCraft myself, and so far everything works.

    Thanks for your consideration of my server and it would be amazing if I won!
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    This thread was posted on Oct. 1st...and what is it now? I'm sure that someone has already been awarded the sponsorship, or what not.

    Btw, treefrog, you joined today...not so reputable...
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    My time zone says it was on the 2nd :p In either case: I agree with this. I'm not sure why people are still posting, especially when you consider the fact that the OP has not been seen since the 8th of October.
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