Minecraft Server Sponsorship (Yes you read that correctly)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by billytheDOLPHIN, Oct 1, 2014.

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    Hello Bukkit community :D!

    Hosting a Minecraft server is an awesome experience! The only problem is is that finding the funds to get started is very difficult. Lots of people (including myself) had to start their server by hosting it at home. Doing this is not ideal because your server will be laggy and hard to play on which will turn away players.

    I have decided to help one lucky person in the bukkit community by offering a free minecraft server. But this server isn't any old shared-hosting server on an overloaded server node. The server will be as followed.
    • It will be a server on a VPS with 2GB of RAM. The VPS will have multicraft installed so you can easily edit and upload plugins and files.
    • Also you will get 1 month of buycraft so you can start accepting donations!
    To apply for this you will need to make a reply to this thread including the following information.
    Name of server:
    Explain your server (explain well):
    Why do you deserve this sponsorship (explain well):
    What is your experience as far as bukkit servers and plugins go (explain well):

    Once you have this filled out, and filled out well. I will PM you if you are accepted or not.

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    How so? As long as you have a good amount of RAM (most laptops have 8 GB or more, lots better than the 2 you're offering) and processing power, and a decent internet connection (30 Mbps+ down, 5 Mbps+ up), it should have no problems whatsoever.
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    Good question. It's not all in the ram. You have to look at the CPU. A bad CPU will affect performance greater than lack of RAM. Also my servers have SSD's instead of HDD's which will allow for faster reads and writes which will also boost performance. And another risk of home hosting is DDoS if you get hit with a DDoS attack you are out of luck, there are people that will DDoS you just because they find out you host from home.

    Edit: I have ran a server with 100 players online using only 4GB of RAM

    Also I am offering professional grade hosting. Your laptop from home, is not.
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    Why should we trust you?
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    I do plugin/server support for https://exileservers.com/ you are getting a 2GB version of there minecraft cloud product, for free. It allows you to have your own VPS with multicraft pre-installed. You are the only one with the url to get onto the multicraft panel. You make your own password for the panel. This isn't some gheto deal going on.
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    Skype name: Unknown (I do that for safety)


    My server is about factions and has plots and is basically survival. We have mini games and donor ranks. We are very good at being respectful but we haven't opened because of the reasons in the next two paragraphs.

    I don't think i deserve it as much as others do. I think that i deserve it because i am a good influence to people in the real world. I also think i deserve it because i have been waiting and being good for so many years to have one but my parents said no so i've been depressed on that. I have also been looking for a contest like this!

    My experience with plugins is about a year. My experience with bukkit is about a year, too.

    Do i have to have 2 paragraphs?? I mean i explained a lot..
    Tell me if u need anything else! :) :)
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    Name: crud41
    Age: 17
    Country: Ukraine
    Skype: Posting skype on forums is not allowed.
    Name of server: Not decided
    Explain your server (2 paragraphs): Fully custom coded PVP/Survival/Creative by yours truly.
    Why do you deserve this sponsorship (2 paragraphs): Because you know you want to give back to the dev community <3
    What is your experience as far as bukkit servers and plugins go (2 paragraphs): I make plugins and I've been with bukkit ever since it came out.
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    billytheDOLPHIN 2 paragraphs is quite a lot to explain something like 'your experience with servers and plugins'. Anyone who does fulfil that requirement will most likely be full of bloat :)
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    Me? I get nothing. It's a sponsorship.

    Good point i'll change it. I just don't want someone saying "Factions" and "Because i'm awesome"

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    Name: Michael
    Age: 14
    Country: United States Of America
    Skype: MayIPlayMC
    Name of server:
    Explain your server (explain well): Rather than having the same generic Faction server that pretty much has. I want to make it one of a kind. Than fishing for Bukkit plugins to fit my needs. I have started learning Bukkit and make my plugins private than posting them on the BukkitDEV. (Well, I'm posting one on the BukkitDEV right now but just need to edit the description.) With 2GB of RAM would be amazing. Then I could add little snippets of Minigames such as MobArena, OITC, or small Survival Games. I understand that if you pick me and choose others. But I haven't really uploaded any plugins to my server because I couldn't get permissions down. (Don't worry I got it figured out now! :)) I love dedicating my time to my server and make sure that I atleast obtain a good fanbase. Even 1 player would make me happy and show that at least someone cares for the server. I have over 1 year of server knowledge and know how to configure, run, and use plugins.
    Why do you deserve this sponsorship (explain well):Well, like I stated above I am a new developer and just started new making good plugins. Rather than typing in a command and shows a command line. What I will provide is free advertising, my donations will go towards billytheDOLPHIN (Well, not all because I got to pay for web hosting and save up for XenForno.) Whatever it takes to get the companies word out I will do! If you want to know more about me than you got my Skype :)
    What is your experience as far as bukkit servers and plugins go (explain well): I am unsure if Bukkit will continue, I think that Bukkit is hanging by a thread and Spigot or Sponge might have to take over. I might have to use the old Bukkit jar that I have saved on my desktop somewhere and use that.
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    Name: Jack Badger
    Age: 17
    Country: USA
    Skype: PM me for it.
    Name of server: Badger Games
    Explain your server (explain well): My server will be a custom call of duty server. I will have all the game modes such as TDM, CTF, FFA, Infected, and SnD to play. You can pick what game mode you want to play from the menu. The main game that the server will be launching with is SnD. I am still looking for builders, but have some maps if I can not find any.
    Why do you deserve this sponsorship (explain well): I am an aspiring entrepreneur. I have yet to start this server and I would really like to. I would allow a partner to start this up with me if they are willing to pay for the domain as follows. badgergames.us (We would use badgergames.me until the badgergames.us would be able to be paid for).
    What is your experience as far as bukkit servers and plugins go (explain well): Having taught myself Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP I think I am far past the least experienced in this field.
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    Name: Kenny King

    Age: 16

    Country: United Kingdom

    Skype: Kasseng.K

    Name of server: undecided currently

    Explain your server (explain well):
    Possibly a Roleplaying/Raiding/Economy mix, I plan on fully custom coding the server, giving it a whole new class system, you can decide what role you want to play, each will have certain bonuses and perks. Raiding will be during 1 day of the week [wartime], in which you can blow up and access chests from anyone who has established them, players will be able to create groups to join friends/randomers, the Economy will most likely be gold based.​
    Why do you deserve this sponsorship (explain well):
    Well there is no reason that I can prove why I should get sponsorship, all I can say is I plan on working very hard to keep the server up & become popular with the public, as well as spending many hours a day to work on the server​

    What is your experience as far as bukkit servers and plugins go (explain well):
    I have been developing plugins for the past year and a half so as far as plugins go I am fully capable of making anything I need, I used to have a roleplaying server around 2 years ago which had around 30-40 players active at any one time
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    You joined the forums on may of 2014, also posting your skype is not illegal on this forums.

    *Ahem* What safety reasons exactly? Are you one of those people that think people can "hack" your accounts with just your username?
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    Is this only for servers meant to be public or for developers who just want to have a test server?
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    I'm doing this for the bukkit community. I don't want 1000 random kids on the Minecraft Forum, which is what would happen. I'm doing this for a good cause. Not just offtopic spam -_-
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    billytheDOLPHIN Alright well thanks for supporting the community. Just going to check if its ok with Comp
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    I got banned on the minecraft forums
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    So did the owner of ExileServers. He wasn't happy haha!
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    billytheDOLPHIN I'm depressed because I have to connect to a router to just download mods! I really didn't care for their website that much and the design is horrible.
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    Name: Jake
    Age: 14
    Country: US
    Skype: Private unless i win or needed to be gave out.
    Name of server: not necessarily sure as of right now

    Type of server: what i would attempt to do is a unique faction server. Custom coded plugins to make it unique. Basically try to make the experience for players amazing. Including a hole new system of donations, and unique perks where everybody could get. I will thrive to make this server the best of its ability.

    Why do you deserve this sponsorship: honestly we all have reasons for this sponsorship and i don't deserve it anymore then anyone else. But, i will spend hours of time on this server, making it the best it can be.

    Experience with bukkit servers and coding: I am a new Dev, but my learning has been thriving. Im most defiantly not the best dev on here, and cant code what others can. But i do have a decent knowledge of Java / bukkit coding, so where I could almost code everything on my server. Also I've seen how my cousins server was managed, and seen what was right and wrong, and know what needs to been done to make a good server.

    Thanks for reading,
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    So what you are saying is: Just because I didn't create an account and was a lurker for a few years, it means that I wasn't with bukkit? Your logic is quite flawed.
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    Honestly I dont think people lurk for 3 years, it seems kind of weird but whatever yo.
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    No. Safty as in that is my username so no random people nw my name but i cant use my skype anyway...
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