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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by rylinaux, Mar 29, 2015.

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    Minecraft-Plugins: http://www.minecraft-plugins.com/

    I've been trying my hand at web development recently after I was forced to learn some JavaScript and PHP for work, I've thrown together this little website as my first project.

    The website allows you to quickly search for a Bukkit plugin (any that are listed on dev.bukkit.org) and fetch some useful information and download links. The most useful feature is the ability to get a quick overview of the past releases with quick access to the changelogs and downloads.
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    Nice work! Maybe add a feature to search authors as well?
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    @rylinaux would be cool to add short description under the plugin.

    First line the plugin name, second line short description which can be fetched from the plugin page. You should then use a horizontal line to divide each result.

    Would be cool if you could create a github repo. I might be able to contribute to it.

    Also you might set a fixed width for the image on the pluginpage and fix the box width and height so that it will not look different for each pluginpage to get a consistant look and feel.
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    Looks fancy, actually seems to work, too. When I searched for "Stats" it actually found my plugin, not the one under /bukkit-plugins/stats :p
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    I'm going to be investigating having more information displayed in the search suggestions to allow that to be possible (i.e. the entry for WorldEdit would be "WorldEdit by sk89q", allowing author search to be possible).

    There is already a description provided in the second row of information, I'm not sure what you're suggesting. Also, I'll work to get a GitHub repo up and running after I'm happy with the code and it's not changing so much, I've only recently started toying around with web development and the code is pretty ugly currently. I'll look into the image suggestions as well, thanks.

    That's the goal, to make it actually work ;)
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    @rylinaux you type in a search and a suggestion of matches will be displayed. Currently only a plugin match as word will be shown. I suggest adding a short description line direclty under each match and seperate this section by a horizontal line.

    Also it is not a shame to write shitty code. The reason behind creating a repo is that you have a history of what changes where made and that you can fallback to any commit you have made. A nice benefit is that others can review your code and give helpful informations. When the code does not change much its pretty much useless to create a github repo since you would be pretty much finished with the product by then.
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    I've had a little more time recently and have done some major overhaul to the JavaScript to allow for easier integration with other plugin repositories in the future. I've also made a few small changes with input validation for things such as spaces breaking the queries.

    I've open sourced the website - https://github.com/rylinaux/Minecraft-Plugins
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