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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by WASasquatch, Jan 4, 2012.

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    When it comes to running Minecraft with more allocated RAM it becomes a chore for many users. Often the idea of creating a batch file, or following tutorials to do so becomes mind boggling and hard to keep up with...

    So the Development staff over at Pyrexia Craft have decided to make a service for all these users. Using a simple form, a Minecraft user can create a batch file to run on their system to allocate more RAM to their game client. This comes in handy when building mass structures where the use of mods/plugins to manipulate blocks come into play, and thus, more allocated RAM will allow smoother play and keep up with these mass block changes.

    The use of the service is fairly straight forward. The user defines the path to the Minecraft.exe (obtained from and then defines the amount of RAM they would like to allocate to their game client.

    Optional features include the ability to automatically login to your Minecraft account, and or login to a Minecraft Server upon successful login.

    How to use Minecraft Launcher:
    *Note Minecraft Launcher assumes you have Java installed to it's default directory and runs the global 'javaw' command.
    1. First of all you must define the path to your Minecraft.exe in order for the game client to run. The first field calls of this path.
    2. In the drop down menu for "RAM to Allocate" select the option that best fits your computer. Remember If your system runs on, for example, 4gigs of RAM, yous can allocate up to 3gigs, but with background programs, it's best to use 2gigs.
    3. *Optionally you can select "Yes" radio button for "Automatically Login?" and a form will appear for your user account information. Supply the information as you would use to login to minecraft, otherwise the launcher will fail to log you in. *Note Minecraft Launcher and it's partner host Pyrexia Craft do not save, store, record, share, or sell your personal information in any way, shape or form!
    4. *Optionally you can select "Yes" radio button for "Automatically login to server?" only if you have said yet to the above step. If you have, supply the server you would like to automatically connect to. It should be a valid server IP or domain name. Example: or
    5. For secutiry reasons with .batch files be sure to copy your MinecraftLauncher.bat out of your Downloads folder. More specifically it's best to copy the bat, and your minecraft.exe to you /AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/ folder. Then you can create a shortcut to the desktop of the MinecraftLauncher.bat and give it a nifty icon.
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    Atomic Fusion

    It seems to repeatedly report
    even when I copy and paste the example.
  3. Your path probably contains a space and the thing probably isn't written correctly.

    Never mind. Spaces are fine, but I tried a handful of valid paths and the bulk of them were counted as incorrect without indication of why. Doesn't accept anything that doesn't end with .exe, doesn't like network paths, doesn't care if you use a drive letter that isn't a letter (a zero worked fine 0:\ ) and probably other strange things.
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    Well I didn't have a hard time doing this at all... this is what I did.

    Placed the minecraft.exe in the .minecraft folder so (C:\Users\Data\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\minecraft.exe)
    I then placed the .bat file in minecraft folder made a shortcut of the .bat file and placed shortcut on desktop.

    After that you can then give a custom icon :D and congratulations you can run what you allocated :3
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    Yes I am sorry you were having problem. I have further modified the validation. You should always start with your drive letter, and end with your 'minecraft.exe'

    And of course it must end with .exe it's calling for your minecraft.exe nothing else. If you are looking for this to run other java applications, or run other batch files, I would look elsewhere.

    This is a beta so your input is greatly appreciated.
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    Atomic Fusion

    Hmm, idk if you've updated it yet, but it's still not working when I copy and paste the example (the example from the error).
    I don't know why this would matter, but I'm on Linux. Perhaps it changes encoding mechanisms or some ridiculous thing.
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    It shouldn't effect the software itself. But linux will not work with Windows .Batch files, sorry. You'd have to create a simple .sh script which uses the same code with minor differences. I can help you out with Linux SH files if you need.
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    The instructions have been edited to inform users more properly how to run Windows .Batch Files.
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    Don't mean to be a party pooper :p, but Magic Launcher already does this, it has multiple news feeds like Jebs twitter, and you can install and uninstall mods with it.
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    Creating a batch file isn't hard at all... I got my 8 year old brother to make one for me lol

    My only question is, when you specify the path and it generates the file, can you run it over a network, like business or school. When I created my batch files, I could run minecraft from my flashdrive, but when I dropped the files into my school file directory and ran it I got he "UNC paths are not supported".
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    It's called MagicLauncher, it's an .EXE, and already does much more than this, like selection of mods before starting.
  12. Link not working
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    Marked Inactive. If OP comes back he can report his thread (when the link is fixed) and request this to be unlocked and Inactive prefix removed.
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