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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by AyshineMatt, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Hey everyone!

    For those who know me, sorry for my absence in the Bukkit community, I'm a bit busy with school and CST's, also, my server, haha :p But, anyways, my school board is considering to apply Minecraft in schools, within their district of course. And I was wondering if you guys could sign the petition :D A lot more information at the petition page, which can be found here:

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    I think this is a great idea. It helps children learn things like engineering, development, earth science, and they will be very into it considering it's f**king Minecraft.

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    That's a horrible idea.
    People playing games in school? What next, people jumping off the CN tower to test physics?
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    Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

    However, Minecraft can be applied as an educational tool. Here's a quote from my petition:

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    I'm not trying to go against what you've said, but I just want to help you consider the other aspect of Minecraft.
    How are you going to enforce the learning and the integrity of the program? Kids could just run off and start building something that's completely unrelated to the topic. Mods or hacking clients can easily ruin the experience for others, such as Nodus.
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    Using the official Mojang license of Minecraft for education, MinecraftEdu, or the actual Minecraft client, depending on what my school board wants to use if this passes. Also, Minecraft will be monitored whenever a student is playing, using a screen recording software and remote access, that only the teacher and higher administrators have.
  7. You have forced my hand. I need to find a Cn towner :p
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    I'm not against this idea, nor am I with it. But isn't school supposed to be a place where kids/teens are educated, and not playing games? :p

    I suppose I somewhat see how it can be educational in some way, with redstone logic gates etc.
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    Redstone logic gates apply to real-life electric circuits.. how?
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    They just do. Don't question, just accept. ;)

    Being serious though, I don't know xD but I've expanded my creativity through learning redstone. I dunno how you can relate in real-life, but it sure has made me a bit more creative, if you know what I mean.
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    He's correct. It gives students a feel of basic computer science. Redstone circuitry provides an interactive environment to build basic logic circuits and combine them for more sophisticated purposes. Feedback is immediate, and the mistakes don't destroy expensive electrical components.
  12. Ive seen a 32 bit computer with redstone....
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    You would need a pretty powerful computer to emulate that...
    ShootToMaim Redstone is based off real life circuitry... Minecraft is a great educational tool if you use it for redstone solely. You can quickly create some pretty complex stuff and look at it in 3D, as well as interact with it.
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    I can see how this would be fun, I would have liked to play Minecraft, or any game for that matter, in an educational setting when I was in elementary school.

    However... I just don't think it's a very good idea. Minecraft wasn't designed as an educational tool, it's a game, and a very addicting and potentially highly-distracting one. You could provide examples of its educational use for days, but my opinion would stay the same: there are always better ways to teach a kid something, and Minecraft is just too distracting to be a serious tool.

    I'm actually glad I wasn't introduced to the game in school. I nearly failed three grades because I discovered Minecraft, and got so addicted to it that it took up much of my life until I realized what I was doing. If you blur the barrier between school and play by mixing school with something like Minecraft, the two can even be psychologically "blended" together in often undesired ways, sort of like how doctors recommend keeping the bed and bedroom for sleep and funny business only, and away from most other activities, to let it become a sleep-oriented, un-intruded environment.

    I know this sounds like a bunch of crap, but I can vouch for it -- once I started bringing my laptop to school, and then started playing Minecraft on it, my school and gaming life almost blended together to the point where it was hard to focus on schoolwork without my desire to game overwhelming me. I know this isn't the case for everyone, but it's a point to consider.

    I would say it would be alright to let kids actually play Minecraft in school for fun, as a real game, and to just not try to rationalize it with real educational use.
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    You can power blocks?
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    Yes, take what I said, and put it into the most literal sense as possible.
    Show Spoiler
    Hope it makes you feel better about your intelligence.
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    The purpose of playing minecraft is school is just the same like your field trip, you are going to a Zoo What's the difference ? it's only what IS The PURPOSE Of the Project, "Using" (Im Not Very Considering It As Playing) help increase your creativity, perhaps can replace you art lessons, IN this day people are considered as robots they are not allowed to have fun at school and only remembers and remembers word. Michio Kaku (A Therotical Physicist) once a countered a problem with his child, her child have to memorise all the country in the world ! isn't that insane now by studying you wont be anything you'll be a teacher perhaps, but if you use in real life like projects, research that can develop your curiosity, studying is not always remembering words (Well This Is My Opinion Sorry For Bad Grammar)
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    MineCraft taught be 2^x math.. :p Can go all the way up to 65536 in my head (2^16)
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    195 signer right here :p
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    my 7 year old brother is addicted to minecraft is this a good idea?
    school != game
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    I used to bypass all of my schools security software to play video games at school. Needless to say, I didn't learn much that way. Minecraft in school will just make you lazy and stupid. Minecraft outside of school [diamond]:D[diamond]
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    I don't think having random people on the internet sign your petition will improve its validity or significance.
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    Very bad idea, in many aspects. It sounds good on paper, but in practice, it would fail.
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  24. In my opinion, minecraft is great for doing with after school activities, or maybe as a school project, how ever I don't think I can see it as being part of school if I'm making sense.
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