Minecraft/Bukkit 1.8/1.9 Questions

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by crysis992, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    I have 2 questions about bukkit and the upcoming minecraft release.
    Some members cant stop asking me how long it will take to update the bukkit server to 1.8.
    I know its a huge update, so i have no idea how long it will take :/
    Does someone know how long it will take?
    2 weeks? 3 weeks? longer? My members spamming me with questions and i cant answer :(

    To all other server owners:
    Do you start a new map on 1.8 with the new features? Or wait until 1.9?
    Cause _jeb posted this 6 hours ago via twitter:
    "You need to generate new areas. As it looks now, beta 1.9 will also require new generation"

    I have a huge City map, but i dont know, should i wait until 1.9 for a map reset? or reset the map 2 times in a short period of time?

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    Nathan C

    I'm going to reset in 1.8, since there will be SOME cool new features. Then that new 1.8 map will be limited to about 100x100 or 200x200, until 1.9 comes out, then I will wordedit it into the 1.9 world. That way people can play, get fresh world and still have the features that 1.9 will offer.

    1.8 should be out on Monday. 1.9 I bet will be out in around 1 month or more.
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    I would say keep your maps, but definitely use WorldEdit to select your important stuff and save it to a .schematics file. That way you can load your old maps in 1.8/1.9, see how it works, and if you decide to wipe and start fresh, you can import just those areas that you've saved to the .schematics files.
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    just wandering i have taken the forest map that comes with mcmyadmin and generated it then moved it into .minecraft/saves then opened it in mceditor, i think (map editor) and chnged areas so i could use it on a new server and i was just wandering what the new features will be on the maps in 1.8 and 1.9 to help decide if i make a new map again for my server or not?
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    I planned to use two world (1.73 & 1.8) and gradual movement to 1.8 map.
    There are too much precious buildings .
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    Bukkit for 1.8 will likely be released within hours of the official 1.8 release.
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    Is the world format staying the same? Im thinking of multi-worlding, so we don't lose the world we have been using since 1.2

    I would like to still be able to build on it if I wish. Running 2 worlds would be best for my server, I hope it will be possible. Thats what everyone wants anyway...
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    I'll reset the map.
    I already had to reset it with 1.7, my server had one of the maps broke by the update :/

    So we don't have enought building to save the map, players prefer to start from a fresh one on 1.8
    For 1.9, we'll see what features needs a fresh map. May be we'll use two worlds ..
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    we havent traveled out to keep chunks from genning though when i think now i doubt this will work and i might have to just move to a new map or reload chunks with something like worldedit
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    smart boy and on friday was released 1.8
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    That wasn't a release.
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    For the city map, you can copy it over using MCEdit or WorldEdit.

    1.8 should be ready within days, so I've been told.
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    Actually, what you can do is just use BorderGuard on your 1.8 map. I've tested 1.7 -> 1.8. I played a 1.7 map on 1.8 and it started to generate 1.8 terrain after a while. This means 1.8 and 1.9 should be fine to use the same map on, just set the border smaller than what you would normally set it. You can change it in 1.9, go out and generate new land for 1.9 in the same map, profit. If you're impatient that is :p IF your map isn't broken (I'm sorry if it does get kersploded :<) then this should work.
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    This sounds noobish but how would I go about limiting a 1.8 world to 200x200?
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    thanks for this forum post. I wanted to ask the same questions but alot of the bukkit members seem to be super annoyed by all this 1.8 talk.
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    Yeah, we are limiting to 200x200 as well. Kinda sucks but it's the right thing to do.
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    were a small server our approach is rather a lot of work for us admins but is the best approach

    each persons main buildings ar saved as schematics using world edit, then when they find a spot in the new world we paste it in and they are charged with making it fit with the nearby terrain

    we have had loads of new worlds (some have corrupted some have lost thier seed and some have been serously griefed)

    it is a method that works really well if as i say a lot of work
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    My map is about 70% explored land with nothing built on it. I'll just delete these parts.
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    how do you go about deleting these parts i have the same problem.
    too many weird shape buildings to save and bordergard type plugins only let you select a box/radius. what we need is a plugin just for updating to new updates
    what it would do is completely disable chunk genn. and allow you to select areas and DELETE these selected areas. leaving only what YOU want to keep.
    id make it if i knew how to code java.
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    im keeping the current map that we have and going to do a 2nd world that players can go exploring in with the wornign that the 2nd world will be resert in 1.9
    MultiVerse FTW!
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    i tried multiverse but it seemed the servers tick rate slow drops to 15 removing it and the tickrate stays 20. but then we only have 3 gigs ram
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    i have 1gb ram but less plugins my tickrate with the main world and th nether with a 2nd world our tick rate is around 16-18 so its ok for us 1-20 player max
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    I will start my beta server from scratch when 1.8 comes out.

    I hope thebukkitcraft for 1.8 comes out soon :D !
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    I run 5 worlds in MultiVerse. A bit of plugins, best way to go about to run 5 worlds is to instead of getting Plugins for all the noob purposes; learn the preset perms. I run a survival server with different settings for each world. 5 gigs of ram, no lag.
    - GriefWorld = Unranked, griefers can't get past this world. Full access to everything. THE ONLY AREA WITH LAG.
    - CreativeWorld= Classic Style building = Ranked, PvP/damage denied.
    - EventWorld= All flying/modding disabled, PvP enabled.
    - Nether = Ranked/All perms allowed.
    - Donator World = Donator Class. All perms allowed.

    By all perms I don't mean the all mighty '*'. Just the basic player stuff.
    A. Only taking spawn area.
    B. Creating [Veteran] rank for older players with some "special" perms.

    Also for the new 1.8, since graphic specs have been increased, I recommend server hosts not keep massively lagging plugins such as RocketBoots, RuneCraft, CreativePortals, LWC, etc. Most of these have "parameter" checking issues.
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    I'm running too much plugins atm to host a 1.8 server. I use multiverse for two worlds: survival & creative.

    I'm very thankfull for the creative map support, and I hope multiverse (or some other plugin) will manage to set perms for all players. (I know, when hosting standard MC server, so no bukkit, OPs can access the creative mode, don't know how it will be on bukkit)

    I'm a bit afraid of all the changes actually. I don't think people can now say "replace craftbukkit and update plugins, done". It will be a lot more work, MCEditting your worlds (and these can be pretty big schematics..) Anyways, I believe things will realy change when there is a version for 1.8. I think (from my opinion) I'll drop all the plugins except multiverse, essentials and groupmanager. Of course this depends what kind of server you host, but two worlds is enough for my little community =)

    I hope the final version of MC comes quick, so we won't have to update anymore =) wich would be awesome ^^ I suggest that (if you create a new map) you only import the realy big cities and stuff, because even only those things, on my server will take ages.. =(
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    Till due date we have around 70 days till official release of Minecraft 1.0
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    You need to tell your members that the server will be updated when it's updated.

    Once Bukkit is updated to version 1.8, you will then have to wait for every plugin you have to get updated to work with 1.8 as well. There is no possible way you could estimate how long this will take.

    What I suggest is to prioritize your plugins. Identify the plugins that must be updated, and you'll at least know what plugins you need to wait for before you can update to 1.8 .
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