Minecraft 1.9 pre-release too soon!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by wh1pl4sh88, Sep 23, 2011.

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    As a server host i feel that mojang are working too fast to get the game finished and not doing the job as well as they could have done and it also means that as a host i have only just got my new server stable with mods and now players are already moving to pre-releases on 1.9.

    I want to know who else thinks they should slow down to do a better job of finishing the game?
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    This IS how they do a good job and finish the game. Like it or not, you're a beta tester for Mojang. They're a small team and can't find all of the bugs on their own. Large development studios normally have dozens if not hundreds of hired testers. If they take it slow, the game will be just as buggy and it will take them much longer to fix the bugs as they won't get player feedback as soon. Minecraft is supposed to 'release' in 2 months. Unless they hire a large number of testers and a handful more programmers, this is the only reasonable way for them to reach that goal.

    I know, it sucks, but you knowingly bought the pre-release version of a game, it's to be expected. We're having the same problem on a server I help maintain :/
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    Ye i get your point actually just wish that the plugins would work without bukkit but you cant have everything your own way in life :)
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    We also need to remember I don't believe Minecraft was meant for multiplayer servers. I think it really was a single player game to begin with..Mojang has to keep moving. If it breaks mods so what it needs to get done and test ASAP. As Jekotia said we are the unpaid testers of a Beta game.

    On the other hand I see what op is saying...sometimes it seems rushed. Than again I don't know much Java... Xp
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    Nothing they do will ever be right with the players.
    It'll either be too slow or too fast, usually both depending on who you ask.
    Players generally act like spoiled kids thinking they're entitled to their every wish.

    Given the current trend of buggy releases, this faster release cycle (if they keep it up) will likely be better for them in the long run.
    In the end this is still a beta and we're all testers. More releases means faster feedback and less changes to go through when dealing with new bugs between releases.

    Mojang is also a really young company still finding their way. It'll take a few tries before they get it right.
    I'm probably somewhat biased due to being a game programmer myself though.
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    Dude what the hell? How could you POSSIBLY complain that Mojang is working? They've been doing nothing for about 2 months and now they're finally picking up their game and I like it.
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    A while back Notch did say to not get too comfortable with your maps...
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    They seem to finally be working on some updates :p
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    And that's why Notch sucks.
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    Because he warns his users that the unfinished game they are playing is getting finished a bit more?
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    I like the fact notch is still in the project honestly with jeb. I was in the assumption that notch was too busy with other games and handed most of the work to jeb, but with the development speed that minecraft is moving right now i am glad =)
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    pretty pissed off i can't continue my regular role as a stable server admin, i liked the game much more in 1.7.3 and i think that mojang's numbering system, and speed of major releases needs a bit of a rethink. Despite all this i feel absolutely no entitlement to have my opinion listened to.

    However, while this is clearly still a beta game, it's gotta be the most successful beta game ever, and, to be honest, 95% of people treat it as a finished product, being added to. Mojang should probably recognise this, and recognise the feedback from the development community, (who drive the depth that minecraft can have) and not just leave them out.

    again, no entitlement, but i think they should listen to the none-five-year-olds a little more.

    also, the multiplayer minecraft scene is more successful than single player on just about every level... why don't they release an update with something special for multiplayer?

    still, it's a great game, and don't forget how bored you were without it! ;P

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    Here's the thing, its a lose-lose situation. If Mojang decides to keep it to themself, the players will b**** and moan and cry that they aren't "testing". If Mojang decides to let them see the bleeding edge, player b**** that it is buggy, laggy, and wierd and then continue on to moan and cry that the build is crap. I think Notch and Jeb_ decided to show the community that the nightly builds of Mincraft are not fun and games, and are infact buggy and should only be tested by serious testers.

    Its like releasing the first car that runs completely on solar to a small group of people for testing, public b****es, they release it to the general public, and then they b**** that its doesn't work to well when it rains, or at night, or in tunnels...

    As a part of the community, a server owner, and a plugin dev, I agree with the tactic that they are using. However, this gives the community something more to complain about instead of helping. When I heard that a 1.9 pre-release had been uploaded, I wanted to cry. We have just finished setting up the server to 1.8.1, and I promised them a public release a week after the RB. A new version of Minecraft already would hinder any progress that I had made towards that release, and set me on a path waiting for a new RB.

    TLDR; Users gonna b****, server owners gonna cry, devs gonna laugh.

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  14. It is a fair point that you build a strong community of users on your server and they work their butt off trying to build awesome things. Just to lose them all because "1.x came out and rerender is needed to get new stuff" ..

    Worlds are abandoned, and if you stick to the old stuff they leave to.

    That said, users pay $50 to $250 (if not more) for running a smooth and 24/7 mc server just so their friends can all have fun. And you end up going 'well, it is beta', or 'well, to progress the game you just have to lose everything you've done'.

    Yeah, devs will be busy, but it's the users that work hard on the worlds that end up actually losing.
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