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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kerts93, Feb 22, 2011.

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    When Bukkit is upgraded I still will have my world data right?
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    Yes, but backing up is still the safe thing to do :)
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    I think so mate ;) xD
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    Ok thanks, ill back it up now [​IMG]
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    Hello World
    I am also a new server admin. I was as suprised as you when I find that update.
    A way to continue playing, waiting for a new Bukkit realase, is to find a launcher which prevent Minecraft's update. Therefore, we must wait for the new launcher, which ask the player if he would like to update.
    Else, we can say "Good bye" to every plugin, and make a server with the official release...
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    I can't start my server too, but i can connect to MineCraft.net normally - im running now a Classic game!
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    I logged in to quote your reply to the pre-quoted morsel of enlightenment. Truer words have not been spoken. Reminds me of MySpace when everyone was given the chance to be a designer. Or SecondLife when everyone realized how easy it was to make and sell pubes for their avatar.
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    i can't connect even :(

    i want to play! (ok... offline works but...)

    Greetz Smiba
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    Don't fret not being able to connect or update. Eventually things will return to normal and Bukkit will be updated. Always takes time.
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    I think i found a solution for playing 1.2_02.

    1. Make a Backup of 1.2_02 minecraft.jar or ask a friend if you updated yours.
    2. Update to 1.3
    3. Now override minecraft.jar with backed up jar.
    4. Now use minecraft.exe (old launcher) and everything works fine.

    I think it has to do with the version file inside bin folder but not sure.
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    pls upload ur backuped file :D
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    Just spread the word to your players on how to use the new Minecraft Launcher and not update yet... and they can continue to play on your un-updated server... OR, go vanilla with a new world folder.. call it world_b13 and let your players just destroy it for a while to give them something to do. When bukkit comes back.. go back to plain old "world"
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    Mavric Skylar

    My server is completely vulnerable now that Bukkit is disabled. I really don't mind if it takes some time to get Bukkit updated to work with the new client, I just want to have a date to tell my players for when we will have server running smoothly again.
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    I wasn't inpatient. I even didn't notice, 1.3 was released already :D I just asked to get some info for me.
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    It's not as if many people rely on my server (it's private with about 10 people). But still.
    So good luck to the Bukkit team on getting that update done!

    In the meanwhile.
    Does anyone know good bukkit plugins (I alreaddy have permissions, essentials, world edit&guard, BOSEconomy and minecart mania)
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    Figures.... The moment I install CraftBukkit, Essentials, and Permissions, Minecraft updates and nulls it all. -.-
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    Some people are just born lucky I guess...
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    DONT CRY, If you see all over the page you would know that this bukkit WAS NOT OFFICIAL, and the official was under making, thats why its called"Temporary Plugin List" God dammit . . .
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    As I said earlier you will not have to say anything to your plugins, at least not all of them.
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    When Bukkit Gets 1.3 does the server keep all of its plugins e.g iconomy and stuff ? ;D
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    Tell them August 16th in the year of our lord 2210AD. At least then they'll be surprised when it's out early ;)

    In all seriousness though there's never a timeframe with this stuff - there's deobfuscating to be done, then some other stuff I have no idea about, then there's testing to make sure they're not about to have everyone in the community update to something that doesn't work, and then there's glorious 1.3.

    In the mean time I'm saying to hell with my dentist and eating some Chunky Monkey (-1 if you have no idea what this delicious concoction of banana iced cream, fudge chunks, and walnuts). I figure it may not be the most healthy pass-time, but it's sooooooooo delicious ^_^
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    I haven't read any above comments but how long, approximately, would it take to update?
    My server is nothing without this, therefore I am eager to know.
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    I didn't do anything to learn, but please teach me?
    Nobody knows how long it will take. I can guess a day if you desperately need a timespan.
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    New client works now..... I think.

    Edit: Yep, you can now go online with the new minecraft launcher. [​IMG]
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    Well, I'm sure my server could cope one day without Bukkit.
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    Dangit I barely get 3 spoonfuls down and NOW it connects. -_-

    Dentist, you win again. I'm sure you had your hand in this somehow.
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    A little off topic, but how do these "beds" works?
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