Minecraft 1.2.4 is out.

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Mojang have just released an update to Minecraft, bringing us to 1.2.4.

    This update is primarily a bug fix release but does include some nice improvements as well:
    • Made placing half blocks on existing half blocks (to make a full block) easier
    • Limit framerate on menu screens, no longer uses 100% cpu and make my computer melt
    • Fixed fatal crash for converted worlds to anvil, when there’s blocks at max height
    • Fixed an old bug with signs clearing text while you’re editing them in SMP
    • Fixed crash when logging in while there are blocks at maxheight at spawn
    • Fixed TNT ghosts in multiplayer
    • Fixed storage minecarts dropping enchanted items
    • Fixed crashes on invalid server addresses when joining a server
    • Fixed entities being uninteractable if they existed at login (Multiplayer)
    • Fixed dupe exploit with paintings
    • Fixed furnaces and dispensers dropping enchanted items
    • Fixed the “flickering” of chat as it vanishes off the screen
    • Fixed text rendering over items in the container screens
    • Fixed exploit with jungle saplings (turns other saplings into jungle ones)
    • Fixed launcher opening minecraft dir if the path contains a space
    • Fixed an off-by-one lighting bug
    • Fixed block transmuting (turning one block into another via pistons)
    • Fixed placing mushrooms in daylight, where they can’t survive
    • Fixed redstone lamps dropping powered block items when destroyed while on
    • “save-all” (server) now works even when you have toggled “save-off”
    • Fixed turning half-blocks into full-blocks while you’re standing on them
    • Fixed seed displaying in F3 debug when the seed is unknown (multiplayer)
    • Fixed villager texture changing clientside per profession
    • Fixed falling off ledge corners while holding shift
    • Fixed players falling when reconnecting to servers where they were previously flying
    • Chat history and much better chat editing
    • A few new decoration blocks
    • “Back” and “Quit” buttons to OutOfMemoryScreen
    • Made cats more realistic (read: probably annoying). I hope it’s enough to cancel out any joy you may receive from the previous feature!
    • Added a “minimal” debug menu for testing with. Shift+F3 to hide the graphs.
    This is just a short announcement to let you know that we are aware of this and are working on it as I type this. Please note: Minecraft 1.2.4 has bumped the protocol version, so it is incompatible with 1.2.3.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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    Our server is one of the first to update, but it kind of sucks for us because we get mega gliches first too =\

    Oh well, we're also one of the first to report bugs ;)
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    I just go to the craftbukkit dev list and grab the very latest from there... TnT doesn't want me advertising the download list for that because those builds are more error prone and difficult to set up, and it creates more questions than they answer. If you page back several pages you can probably find a link, or check all my posts in my profile here.

    What I actually do is I read each and every single dev build's changelogs, and see what they've altered. Then I decided how badly I want the changes, and I download that build. In the meantime, I back up my old .jar file just in case things don't pan out with the latest that I grabbed. Also, I ask my users to let me know if they notice anything weird. And, I keep an eye on the server logs.
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    Sweet thx for the help :)
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    so can i download the last updgrade/beta and still be able to play? or should i wait until bukkit releases the new 1.2.4 beta?
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    PunJedi You have the right of it there is absolutely nothing wrong with the update process the heart of the issue lies with the client not the server work that bukkit create. As Palisade says you have little control over the people trying to enjoy your server and it is challenging to have people get the old version of the client running. I don’t agree with the second part of Palisades comment though.

    The options PunJedi state are very good bottom line if people can log into the server and use it happily with little or no fuss it doesn’t matter if the server is running the latest and greatest. I was thinking about this Mojang have no obligation to make their client work with old versions of the Bukkit server because it is not their product. So the options PunJedi have made despite being brilliant probably will never happen unfortunately :(.

    That said I have a third option to add to PunJedi’s list, the problem is Bukkit have no control over the client causing users to be impatient because they are stuck with a client that will not connect with a complicated or little alternative. Another option would be for Bukkit to release their own client which has its own version control based on the server it is connected to, they could even build it so it can pull updates from the bukkit server and not rely on bandwidth etc from the Bukkit websites.

    That way the Bukkit community of gamers have an almost incident free transition with the updates and server admins don’t have the pressure to put something out that is simply not ready for production use.

    What do you think?


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    Lol idk what you guys have with Towny...
    It works 'fine' for me like always.

    04:21:52 [INFO] This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Bukkit-1.2.3-R0.2-b2060jnks (MC: 1.2.3) (Implementing API version 1.2.3-R0.2)

    ver Towny
    04:22:03 [INFO] Towny version
    04:22:03 [INFO] Resident-Town-Nation heirarchy combined with a grid based protection system. Including a war event.
    04:22:03 [INFO] Website: http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/towny/
    04:22:03 [INFO] Author: Shade, Modified by FuzzeWuzze. Forked by ElgarL

    ver Register
    04:22:14 [INFO] Register version 1.7
    04:22:14 [INFO] Register, an API built for economies.
    04:22:14 [INFO] Website: https://github.com/ElgarL/Register
    04:22:14 [INFO] Authors: Nijikokun, LRFLEW, Acrobot, miho, Snowleo, KHobbits, Spice-King and ElgarL

    ver Questioner
    04:22:26 [INFO] Questioner version 0.6
    04:22:26 [INFO] Ask questions to players. Including polling.
    04:22:26 [INFO] Website: http://towny.xshade.ca
    04:22:26 [INFO] Authors: Shade and ElgarL
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    This would all be true, but there's one problem with that thinking. A lot of people seem to think that the Bukkit community and the Minecraft community are two distinct entities. I think maybe this is why we're seeing some Bukkit hate on here, where people are saying "oh too bad, poor you use vanilla," and the like. And, why you seem to think that Bukkit could just have it's own client. I'm not meaning to offend you here, but that is naive thinking in my opinion. What I mean by this, is that the same people who play on Bukkit servers also play on regular Minecraft servers, and vice-a-versa. If Bukkit had a client that didn't work with 1.2.4, many of the users would be confused that they weren't able to connect to the vast number of servers that aren't running Bukkit. And, since the client just says, "timed out" when failing to connect, they won't know why. That would be a disservice to the Minecraft community, it's user and server admins who rely on the interest of those users in their servers to keep going.

    Now, having said all that, it's interesting to note that your argument relates to Spoutcraft, which maintains its own version of the client written by them. They're stuck on 1.2.2 they've always been behind the ball on releases. It's not their fault, they're writing all their code from scratch and not using Mojang's, so it takes them longer. However, they're exactly the sort of thing you're recommending for bukkit. And, you can see why it's a problem for them, because they're experiencing exactly what I've described above. Their users can only connect to servers that support their client right now. And, likewise people on Minecraft clients can't connect to their servers. Spoutcraft used to be an amazing thing, 1.2.1 and prior. You could connect to any spoutcraft-supported server with a regular Minecraft client, and Spoutcraft could connect to any Minecraft server. It was pretty amazing. It's really sad that they're behind right now. But, they decided to stop trying to support a bukkit plugin of spout because they saw that bukkit was going to go extinct and have been spending all their time writing their own server from scratch.

    It's worth noting that I tried out their 1.2.3 spout server using Minecraft 1.2.3 client and it works, albeit with some serious lag. But, color me impressed. I just got it working a few moments ago:


    Also, just made a video of it here:

    Note: This doesn't support 1.2.4 yet, and it requires someone who's a developer to comprehend how to get it running. And, it's very buggy, being an alpha branch that is still a work in progress. Also, just found out that the lag goes away with the latest dev spoutcraft client, this is worth reading:

    On their irc dev channel, they're already talking about 1.2.4 support, they said the protocol change is easy to deal with:

    06:15 < armed_troop> 1.2.4 is trivial
    06:15 < armed_troop> packet version + that one packet
    06:16 < armed_troop> I mean they're pretty much the same
    06:16 < armed_troop> Spout would just have to have a little logic to not send the new packet if old version num

    You say you don't agree with my 2nd comment, but you never elaborated why.
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    is there a bukkit 1.2.4 beta build already? If there is, where is the link?!
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    Whens The Next beta Build? Plus Why Not Just Get Mojanhg To Send You Guys The minecraft_server.jar 2 dasys before they update minecraft? as this could help you release a beta build quicker.
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    when will u have the craftbukkit.jar released!!!?!??!!
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    I did not request a lack of dissent, rather a lack of impatience and whining. There's quite a difference.

    I suppose if you get off on disagreements, it might indeed :p
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    Totally unnecessary, Minecraft has already been fully released for fuck's sake and so I should expect less plugin breaking updates and less bugs, my server has been outdated for almost a month now because I will have to lose about 9 plugins when I update to R5 and 1.2.
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    I didn't know 1.2.4 wasn't compatible with my server so I updated. Then after I figured this out, I tried to go back down to 1.2.3 but it says the backup I made was corrupt. Does anyone know where I can get an uncorrupted version of 1.2.3 again so I can downgrade and keep playing on my server?
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    To The Bukkit Team

    I am a big user of bukkit and I have some questions.
    1) When will a finished build be out because I am using servercraft so I cannot use the beta ones
    2) Will any of the plugins for 1.2.3 work for 1.2.4
    3) Do you have a suggestion to get bukkit running on my server
    4) Do you know how to downgrade to 1.2.3 so I can carry on using my bukkit server?

    Many thanks
  16. you can downgrade using this tutorial:
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    I have just be finish to update all plugins to 1.2.4
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    Sooo... When is the new bukkit comin out?
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    When will craftbukkit for minecraft 1.2.4 be out? When I go on my server it says Outdated Server!
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    You don't know how many people here run a server man, and have you gone and seen the coding that the bukkit team puts into this? people are calling you selfish because you are impatient and can't wait to get your money. one thing I have to say about getting donations is... MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING!!!!! suck it up and wait for it to be released man have patience like the rest of us!
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    no i dont use spout
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    This sucks i just got my server up to 1.2.3; well any ideas when it will come out?
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    It's like a Whole new game! :)
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    I agree with the part where you say that there won't be a RB for 1.2.3 and yes you do have a point, but do you understand how hard it is to moderate forums, plugin posts, pay their bills, make sure that the website stays looking nice, AND make Bukkit builds? You think you're kinda pushing it?

    Anyways, anyone else who wants to rage at these awesome people from Bukkit, just check out this spreadsheet to check out progress!
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    when is bukkit coming out
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    Ok then how about an option for us server owners to replace "Disconnected - Outdated Client" with something
    "WE" can edit.

    Even just having the users see "Disconnected - Outdated - Visit (blah).com for more info"

    or even "Can't connect to outdated server, click here for rewind."

    I mean seriously, SOMETHING would be more helpful then suddenly a ton of 12 to 16 year olds clicking yes on update and then having no clue where to go or what to do to fix it.

    We need to be realistic and point out that no matter how much info servers put out there, the simple fact is that when MineCraft updates we are left with little to no recourse in return.

    To add insult to injury we arent LEGALLY allowed to post old jars so....

    Why the heck cant minecraft.net OFFER the older versions, even if just one step back, for those who inadvertently
    updated and don't know how to rollback?

    I feel like there is a serious gap between the game created, and the servers that help make it so popular.

    Many of you like to bag on server admins/owners for crying foul however let's put it into perspective.

    Without SMP how popular would this game remain?

    Not very.
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    Ok all of this is complete bullshit.... ALL OF IT! The forums page is overloaded with comments because no one will shut their mouths and just wait for the next build. It's gonna come out at some point and we are just going to have to wait..... I run a server too and im just as mad as the rest of you but give Bukkit a break, like someone said earlier, we are just lucky that they do it in the first place! So if its gonna take time than we have to wait and eventually they will get the new build out and we can go back to playing. Like i said, hopefully it will be soon. But Bukkit also needs to step up their game! We are lucky to have them but if they are gonna do this they need to get it done! The one thing I am getting at is patience.... Now im going to ask the big question everyone has been asking; When will it be out?

    This is very true. We do need something like this and I think that Bukkit and Minecraft need to have SOME KIND of communtication to at least offer old versions or at least give us a warning that this will make you unable to play your bukkit server until a new update so we will know not to update.

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    Just updated!

    Mod Edit (c0mp): This is not the place to advertise your server's recent update. Nor do we post links to the dev builds on the forums.
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    GOD! so many unnecessary updates coming out! It takes for EVER for all the plugins to update, and when they finally do, ANOTHER update just comes out and then the process just goes on AGAIN! Bukkit needs to realize that! Please! Just stop making soooooo many updates! leave some space in between them! if your part of Mojang now, go talj to Notch, and Jeb to leave some freaking time and space between updates! Thanks, takataka77
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    I'm using McMyAdmin and I need to up date my server but it says. (I am using CraftBukkit)

    Installing the standard minecraft will cause CraftBukkit to be disabled and for your server to revert to the official serverAre you sure you wish to continue?
    So i'm not sure what to do

    Update McMyAdmin
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