Minecraft 1.2.4 is out.

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Mojang have just released an update to Minecraft, bringing us to 1.2.4.

    This update is primarily a bug fix release but does include some nice improvements as well:
    • Made placing half blocks on existing half blocks (to make a full block) easier
    • Limit framerate on menu screens, no longer uses 100% cpu and make my computer melt
    • Fixed fatal crash for converted worlds to anvil, when there’s blocks at max height
    • Fixed an old bug with signs clearing text while you’re editing them in SMP
    • Fixed crash when logging in while there are blocks at maxheight at spawn
    • Fixed TNT ghosts in multiplayer
    • Fixed storage minecarts dropping enchanted items
    • Fixed crashes on invalid server addresses when joining a server
    • Fixed entities being uninteractable if they existed at login (Multiplayer)
    • Fixed dupe exploit with paintings
    • Fixed furnaces and dispensers dropping enchanted items
    • Fixed the “flickering” of chat as it vanishes off the screen
    • Fixed text rendering over items in the container screens
    • Fixed exploit with jungle saplings (turns other saplings into jungle ones)
    • Fixed launcher opening minecraft dir if the path contains a space
    • Fixed an off-by-one lighting bug
    • Fixed block transmuting (turning one block into another via pistons)
    • Fixed placing mushrooms in daylight, where they can’t survive
    • Fixed redstone lamps dropping powered block items when destroyed while on
    • “save-all” (server) now works even when you have toggled “save-off”
    • Fixed turning half-blocks into full-blocks while you’re standing on them
    • Fixed seed displaying in F3 debug when the seed is unknown (multiplayer)
    • Fixed villager texture changing clientside per profession
    • Fixed falling off ledge corners while holding shift
    • Fixed players falling when reconnecting to servers where they were previously flying
    • Chat history and much better chat editing
    • A few new decoration blocks
    • “Back” and “Quit” buttons to OutOfMemoryScreen
    • Made cats more realistic (read: probably annoying). I hope it’s enough to cancel out any joy you may receive from the previous feature!
    • Added a “minimal” debug menu for testing with. Shift+F3 to hide the graphs.
    This is just a short announcement to let you know that we are aware of this and are working on it as I type this. Please note: Minecraft 1.2.4 has bumped the protocol version, so it is incompatible with 1.2.3.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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    OH please if you're so happy with this process of mojangs updating method without a slightest thing to say about it and you think you represent (god knows what kind of players you have on your server that are happy with it, and don't ask about when their server is updating!). Why don't you just SHUT UP and be happy then! Instead of coming on to throw fuel on a fire that's going out/never existed until you fanboys came in, to get in a last word in at those who just want to say a few things about it because you're so effing content. @fkn content whiners, address your comments to those you are getting at and be men! Instead pansies trying to make generalized comments at anyone who has expressed discontent in this thread for whatever reason as if they aren't allowed to!
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    All builds for me atm, I can only have 7 people on the server. People who connect after that get the error message.
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    for the new dev build when you type "/plugins" you disconnect from the game lol its kinda funny but its the new 2104 build
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    >Patiently< waiting for Spout to update, but otherwise 1.2.4 testing is going well.
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    I don't think waiting for EVERY bug to be squashed is realistic. Mojang have release version after version with the same bugs in it time after time after time. Squashing every last bug will be impossible so I encourage the Dev team to lower the expectations if this is what it is.

    I thought the idea of a recommended build was not a completely bug free game, or even one that has all the API's sorted out, but one that could be used without critical bugs like world corruption or crash bugs.

    I do agree with people chilling, but you have to think about the server admins (I'm not one but a friend of mine is). All the minecraft updates and the delay on RB's is hell for him. At the moment MC is a server op's nightmare. It's all fine and dandy telling everyone to use the beta builds, but tell that to all the plugin devs too. I see it on the forums, an encouragement to the plugin devs to support beta builds, but who in their right might wants to release something, only to have to change it a week later (hopefully) for a RB.

    I just don't understand why, if a beta build is OK for use on a production server, why isn't it good enough for an RB????? You are in actual fact recommending it anyway by telling everyone that it's OK for production servers and that they should use it if they want the new updates from Mojang. I don't get it.

    PS: Keep up the good work. I do like what you're doing and I'm glad that Bukkit is now employed by Mojang, hopefully they will now release server code WITHOUT tonnes of bugs.
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    Other than people having problems not being able to connect, I'm running fine on 1.2.4 dev. build.
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    What a hypocrite, since you didn't quote me for fear of retaliation. Also, you yourself generalized statements to whiners? Digga please.
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    Are people connecting normally for you? I'm getting spammed connection errors and emails, you?
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    Yeah 1.2.4 dev build seems to be working fine for me, all current plugins working fine also, no warnings or errors.
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    You try doing this work for the community then you have the right to comment such a thing, secondly you should know Developers don't stick to the project 24/7 like robots doing the work free... It has costs to it and i bet you don't even support the costs of the project with a single penny because obviously you think costs come from somebody's ass.

    Think right.
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    I'm getting those connection errors on my server as well :[
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    I hope your right!
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    i feel sorry for the bukkit team having to sort the recomended build again they dident even release the 1.2.3 to recomended build

    [Mod edit (TnT) - no need to quote the same thing 3 times.]
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    Well, Here we go again updating plugins :( Wow i feel sorry for bukkit.
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    new sandstone blocks isnt working
    when placed it turns into normal sandstone

    all my plugins working in 1.2.4 :p
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    I got the same error message on my client when connecting to the server.

    In the server log there is a normal login message followed immediately by a disconnected message.

    My other server worked fine.

    After removing the essentials plugin motd.txt file from the first server I'm now able to login - don't ask me why.
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    Im gonna try and remove my motd, maby its bugging. :p
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    Please God, if you're there, help the Bukkit team!
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    The beta build is the recommended build to me now, afteral I pay more attention what my favorite plugins are using to build against, even they don't want to be building against a recommended build that no one wants to run a server for, because its for a minecraft version that the vast majority of players don't even use.. hilarious really.... So yeh that is the overriding decision maker for me on when I switch cb build, and move things along, removing outdated plugins holding things back or bringing in new ones to replace similar or new functionality.

    Despite all the talk about it though no one would be doing this if they didn't find it somewhat enjoyable running a server :D

    I still blame Mojang for this process not being smooth though. Hopefully 1.3 or other 1.2x*(ppplease no!) builds have a craftbukkit build out before the press/release :p
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    Now it's not working :mad:
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    Ahhhhhh! These errors! Lol ^^
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    First, you have no idea what it takes to update this software, which I remind you is free. It's not a simple change in code, it's a new version.
    And just because your server is dying, doesn't mean you should bitch about it to the devs. Accept that they are working hard to get the new update out.

    As to Bukkit, thank you for providong all of us with a free Minecraft Server API that works fantastically.
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    Hossa.... CLient kick on /pl or /ver ;)
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    Idk why, but I'm having to restart my server like 3-5 times to be able to connect =O
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    You may have a point, its just not valid. The team works their ass off to get updates out for this community. You don't even need to thank them for it, but to call them lazy? I don't even...

    You clearly misunderstand what a recommended build is and what they represent.
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    Someone help me! lol jk..
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    Why the hell do you need 71 plugins?
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