Minecraft 1.2.4 is out.

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Mojang have just released an update to Minecraft, bringing us to 1.2.4.

    This update is primarily a bug fix release but does include some nice improvements as well:
    • Made placing half blocks on existing half blocks (to make a full block) easier
    • Limit framerate on menu screens, no longer uses 100% cpu and make my computer melt
    • Fixed fatal crash for converted worlds to anvil, when there’s blocks at max height
    • Fixed an old bug with signs clearing text while you’re editing them in SMP
    • Fixed crash when logging in while there are blocks at maxheight at spawn
    • Fixed TNT ghosts in multiplayer
    • Fixed storage minecarts dropping enchanted items
    • Fixed crashes on invalid server addresses when joining a server
    • Fixed entities being uninteractable if they existed at login (Multiplayer)
    • Fixed dupe exploit with paintings
    • Fixed furnaces and dispensers dropping enchanted items
    • Fixed the “flickering” of chat as it vanishes off the screen
    • Fixed text rendering over items in the container screens
    • Fixed exploit with jungle saplings (turns other saplings into jungle ones)
    • Fixed launcher opening minecraft dir if the path contains a space
    • Fixed an off-by-one lighting bug
    • Fixed block transmuting (turning one block into another via pistons)
    • Fixed placing mushrooms in daylight, where they can’t survive
    • Fixed redstone lamps dropping powered block items when destroyed while on
    • “save-all” (server) now works even when you have toggled “save-off”
    • Fixed turning half-blocks into full-blocks while you’re standing on them
    • Fixed seed displaying in F3 debug when the seed is unknown (multiplayer)
    • Fixed villager texture changing clientside per profession
    • Fixed falling off ledge corners while holding shift
    • Fixed players falling when reconnecting to servers where they were previously flying
    • Chat history and much better chat editing
    • A few new decoration blocks
    • “Back” and “Quit” buttons to OutOfMemoryScreen
    • Made cats more realistic (read: probably annoying). I hope it’s enough to cancel out any joy you may receive from the previous feature!
    • Added a “minimal” debug menu for testing with. Shift+F3 to hide the graphs.
    This is just a short announcement to let you know that we are aware of this and are working on it as I type this. Please note: Minecraft 1.2.4 has bumped the protocol version, so it is incompatible with 1.2.3.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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    No... no I'm not...
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    And my problem was I has to delete all the SNAPSHOT stuff in the craftbukkit title, and just have it craftbukkit.jar

    works like a dream! is the server IP by the way, if you're in need of something to do
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    I don't wanna spend 1199$ on a f**king design!! It's the same with iPhone.. Buy a Samsung GS2 :D
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    Because that's not true... You can still use 1.2.3. We just can't release a RB with known bugs. That's a bit flawed.
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    It's simpler. And guess what ^_^ Mojang uses Macintosh's!
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    For some reason when I try to run your builds on my CentOS server either it won't start or clients can not join. Due to this reason in 1.2.3 I had to update to a dev version. So today I went to update my Bukkit server to 1.2.4 and:
    This build will not start: #2100
    This build will show that the server is offline but will let you attempt to join but never lets you in: #2102

    EDIT: The thing is I do not get any console errors.
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    .5. Has to be said now as soon probably wont get the chance :*( I Love you Bukkit and co :p and will never forget you ! skip waffle below if ya want. pml
    1. Sorry for caps in 2. but cant hug ya :D and words dont seam to come close in expressing how much it really means.
    2. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH to all who have made craftbukkit and plugins etc, YOUR FREAKING AWESOME !
    3. You all have my sympathy for the constant upheaval it must be with so many constant changes, your work has been enjoyed FREE i said FREE yes FREE by countless thousands of happy gamers, you should all be very proud of yourselves for giving us all this opportunity :) Thanks again :D shame mojang didnt employ you all :)
    4. The following are aimed at noone, just curious or comments .... :|
    5. With the update of minecraft including the api coming very soon (is it? lol) do you think a 1.2.4 was needed if it breaks everything for hundreds of thousands of gamers at this time ? why couldnt it have waited and been included in the next update? Hello? lol
    6. I love minecraft and new features :D
    7. I am sick of updating and the inconsiderate way they are implemented (by Mojang). There are better options :/
    8. Most that play Mc are very young, back ups are not always simple for them and with no implementation too easily swap between builds built in. Mojang are making so many changes so often this is very inconsiderate of them not to develop such a thing and include it .It's been and still is really needed imo . I know about other options, my point is for all those that dont which are probably a large part of smp users.
    8. I dont know why these are numbered, guess i'm confused by UPDATES lol hope i haven't misunderstood and foo*'d up through incompatibility :p
    9.God damn it why is this game so addictive :D oh yeah.. cb, plugins and blocks :p
    10.Good luck to all those who have contributed FREE did he say FREE yes FREE, i hope your path is a happy and long one, with lots of FREE STUFF 4 YOU! :D
    11. yes i know there are 2 8's :p
    Hugz ;)
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    Girls are more mature than that :p

    I bet if we could see the ages of the posters here, it would reveal a group of 13-year olds screaming at a group of 20-somethings for breaking their most favoritest toy in all the worldz(!!!!!!111!!!).

    I certainly won't spend any time trying to council children on the virtues of patience. They'll figure it out in, oh, 15 years or so.

    P.S. Get off my lawn :p
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    I don't see it here or dl.bukkit.org. I saw a tweet and that's it.
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    Guys guys guys, if you used 1.2.3 plugins it should work fine in this update, as long as the plugin developers have made their plugins R5+ ready.
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    .. or can't understand.


    /\ See the winking smilie? That means I'm kidding. I kid....
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    Notch, stop pouring out mini updates, why can't you just compile all the features and release them in a big file, instead of making our bukkits fall back.

    Then come the idiotic noobs who cause panics on the server that "The commands are not working, and factions, mcmmo, etc.." and cause players to leave thinking the server broke down and another server might have working plugins.
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    Edit: Doh! TNW beat me to it...

    Personally, I like getting several updates, with little additions.

    And as long as Bukkit is keeping up (and I think/hope today is a good example of how they can do that in the future) it should be all good!

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    When is the jar going to be finished all my plugins are updated (all but 1) and my people on temaspeak are like "when is the server gonna be up" D: omfg they are annoying
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    That's right. xD
    I'm sorry but I keep seeing posts like these, LEARN TO READ. Go to http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/view/00961_1.2.4-R0.1/


    JAR IS UPDATED GO TO http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/view/00961_1.2.4-R0.1/
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    Theres nothing wrong with it.
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    Will there be a craftbukkit 1.2.4-r0?
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    While I understand the frustration many are facing, I have been in the Minecraft community for a good 18+ months and ain't going anywhere. Seeing all the people whine and complain about the new update is quite tiresome. There are those of you out there that act like you are entitled to instant gratification. Unfortunately, you are not.

    Whether your server is a F2P or you accept donations and such is not Bukkit's problem. Even if you are making donations, you do NOT contribute by whining when things break. You have been here long enough to know that, so to come to this forum weeping and gnashing teeth is not only inconsiderate but inappropriate as a representative, administrator, and founder of your respective servers.

    Please be kind, please be patient. Respect the Bukkit.
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    With 1.2.4 development release we are getting

    ""Internal exception: java.io.IOException: Received string length longer (141 > 119)"

    I'm not sure where to post BukkitDev reports.

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    Let us all prey childlike minded fantards like you aren't counseling children then yeah! :p Jk Rowling lolol
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    I couldn't have asked for a better illustration of my point. Thank you :)
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    What build # and can you give me console error messages?
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    The latest dev build works great. A few small bugs which they probably will fix quickly. All the plugins on my server works to.

    Thanks bukkit for a pretty quick and stable update! Even if it's still in dev.
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    Yes thank you Bukkit Team!
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