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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Jayjay110, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Well it has been a long school year and its finally over, just in time for the release of Minecraft 1.0, I guess this means I should get back to work in plugin devving, I have been looking in the requests section and Im looking for a large-ish project to work on during my holidays, rather than the small bug fixes people ask for in the requests section, so if anyone has any need for a plugin dev on their server or project Ill be happy to help out, even if you want me to start a new project im willing to do that to, Im not requesting money or pay atm or in future so anyone can request something from me.

    I will be available for PM's, but I prefer you post in this thread (this will more likely get you a reply), so just ask away if you have any jobs or projects you need helping on :)
  2. Welcome back!
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    @Jayjay110 I wouldn't mind some help devving for my server if you want to help with it.
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    Thank you

    That would be great :) What time zone do you live in and what time are you available so I know when to contact you?

    Thank you also for the fast replies :)

    Oh and I forgot to ask @sk89q: did you ever complete an interface for maps and images?

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    Welcome back.

    And JayJay, I fear SK89q pretty much left us.
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    Nooooo he can't have left us! :O

    And oh, Welcome back =D
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    @Jayjay110 I am in Atlantic Time, You can add me on skype: dbizzzle, You can contact me whenever, if I respond I can talk :p
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    Hi person I don't even know :3
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    Wow, thats not good at all... He was a good dev :(

    Thank You :)

    Sure, that seems fine, It looks like the time zone difference wont matter much as I could probably contact you when its night time or morning here in EST :p Ive added you on skype and Ill be waiting for your reply :p (Ill be adding you using my name, xXN1pplefaceXx if I can still remember my skype name I think its that << :p)

    Lol Hi :)
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    If you want something random to work on, make a plugin that makes it so whenever a player places a tnt block, a creeper will spawn in that location with the hearts animation(like the breeding animals do) and explode on the player who placed the block, not destroying any blocks in the process and removing the tnt block.

    Also, Hello. I am new to Bukkit and wanted to start working on some Plugins to improve my Java skills.
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    Welcome :), I like your idea about a tnt block spawning a creeper, but I dont really like the idea of it blowing up on you lol, although I like it, Im not going to take this up because im looking for a larger project to work on for a long time
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