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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Toe_Jam, Dec 15, 2011.

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    OK at the moment Too many items isn't working properly for me as it keeps stating there is too many arguments. Also on my Bukkit server the powered rails does not seem to be working properly. When i place down a cart and push whilst jumping in to go forward etc, it keeps boucning from one point to the next and not moving anywhere. Any ideas?
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    ahh, i see nothing to worry about!
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    TooManyItems not working isn't a minecraft bug, its a bug with that plugin.

    As for powered rails, test without plugins. There is a chance one of your plugins is modifying how they work.
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    Nether wart drops itselŠ°f in the dark.
    Can anyone confirm?
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    Also, bug reports should be filed to leaky.bukkit.org. Posting them on the forums may be a good way to confirm with others if its a bug or not, but it won't get the attention of the people who can fix the problem.
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    Could someone do a report? I just don't want to pass another registration.
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    Alrighty thanks :)
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    Hey, I was having this problem to. Me and my buddy found a solution, just remove the {3} in the give command of toomanyitems.txt.
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