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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by deadbuilder, Aug 27, 2015.

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    Hello, i am here to make a request for a Minebow plugin!

    - /minebow <playername> <Amount of arrow's> | Permission node: minebow.give
    - /minebow reload | Permission node: minebow.reload

    If whoever accepts this request wants to add this addition i personally would like a config.yml with a "explosion-radius:" option, but its not needed!
    If you guys can figure out a way to do this i would love it if you could make the name "&6MineBow &8(&e Amount of mine arrow's &8)"
    also just so they cant use regular arrow's if possible can you make the arrows name "&eMineArrow"
    If you guys can do this
    again this is not needed but if you dont mind to add this please add a "message-prefix:" in the config with a Starting message how ever you like!
    the one thing i need in this plugin is WorldGuard support!
    When the player runs out of mine arrow's if you can remove the bow from the players inventory.

    Edit: if you can add some kind of fortune to the explosion and get all the blocks and place them in the players inventory
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    @deadbuilder I may add that feature to ImmortalCustom, would be cool...
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    If you would that would be great! thanks for replying! :)
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    @deadbuilder Almost done, I just have to finish a few things and test it :)
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    @au2001 I have heard of ImmortalCustom before i just cant seem to find it can you send me a link when you get done with the MineBow Feature?
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    @deadbuilder It is done, but my hosting service has blocked me access until 7th of September :mad:

    The download link would be http://au.wc.lt/plugins/ImmortalCustom.jar (currently the old version).
    I uploaded the current version with an auto-updater (that doesn't work for now, since the url pointed is the old version, disable it in the config) and the minebow features here:
    <Removed mega.nz link as it isn't allowed here.>
    <New download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h25eu06wwenq4z2/ImmortalCustom.jar>

    /ic minebow <player> [amount]
    /ic minearrow <player> [amount]

    ImmortalCustom.minebow (or ic.minebow) : allows you to give minebows
    ImmortalCustom.minearrow (or ic.minearrow) : allows you to give minearrows
    ImmortalCustom.minebow.use (or ic.minebow.use) : allows you to use minebows

    ImmortalCustom's fortune list and pickup list compatibility, drop down etc. and of course WorldGuard support.
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    Thanks man! Just tested it, it is perfect!
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