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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by OuterRaven, Nov 8, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Minecraft version: 1.10

    Suggested name: MineBedrock

    What I want: This is a really simple plugin. I want a plugin for donators so they can have the ability to mine bedrock. There is already a plugin for this but it is out-dated and not for 1.10. I need permissions for this plugin. The only way the donator can mine bedrock is by using a diamond pickaxe and by using a command and if possible i would like mcore factions so people can't destroy in territory. (Listed below).

    Ideas for commands: /minebedr or /minebedrock

    Note: When they use this command, a message should be sent to the player saying, "Mining bedrock is now enabled! or You can now Mine Bedrock". When they use the command to disable mining bedrock, a message should be sent to the player saying, "Mining bedrock is now disabled! or You can no longer Mine Bedrock!".

    Ideas for permissions: - MineBedrock.command

    When I'd like it by: In 1-2 Weeks or sooner if possible.
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    its pretty good but im wondering if there is a way where they don't get haste IV for like forever.
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    I can add a configurable delay in seconds before mining the next bedrock, like the other plugin had to compensate for the instant block break.

    From my research, I'd have to fiddle with some NMS code that I'm not familiar with and apparently it is not recommended to do so.
    If there are any other developers that are, you can use my plugin or recreate your own to achieve that.

    Otherwise let me know, and I can add the delay in for you.
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    Wouldn't this be against the EULA to have only donators be able to mine bedrock?
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    I don't play on giving it only to donaters........................................
    the plan is you can also get it via voting
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