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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Dogdark123, Sep 2, 2011.

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    Hello there!

    i got a problem! i left my computer for about 2 hours and it "fell asleep" and now im drowning in errors. this is a few of them\/

    please help!
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    Ok your world has been corrupted, but this can be fixed. Use a plugin called chunkster or a program called McEdit (my preferred choice) to fix the chunks
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    i cant find the plugin. can you put a link?

    Edit: i fixed it with worldedit Thanks!

    Edit2: New problem [​IMG]
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    ok, you have to use MCEDit for this one, you need to delete all entities in the world, becuase you have too many creepers spawned.
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    try using the command /butcher :)
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    doesn't that only work with WorldEdit though?
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    I think but if he doesnt have it he should its a great plugin:)
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    How do i delete all entities?:confused:

    I already got worldedit but i got 5 worlds to clear! i think it will be better with MCEdit.

    ok i found the world but was unable to remove the entities, but it wasnt a important world so i deleted it. Thanks anyway!!![diamond]

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