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    A plugin that allows players to join a "team" (kind of like factions)
    on first joining players can not move and are greeted with a message asking what team the player wants to join they would type /mianite /dianite or /ianite during this process they can not move. if they select one they will be teleported the the appropriate temple and will get a [D], , or [M] in-front of their name.
    Players can not greif other teams temples or their own team's houses players also cant kill their teammates.
    Players can pray to their god/goddess to get things the prayers include /pray [help, kill, or report] if player chose help then they can also type [location, item, teleport] if players choose kill they type a players name after that and it has a random chance of killing them 1/2 a chance maybe. if player chooses report they type {comment} and it is reported to mods
    if player chooses location they will type a name after that and they will be told the coords of that player must have 3 pray points
    if player chooses item they type {name of item} and they will be given a random amount (3-10) of that item (Banned items: blocks of diamond, iron, redstone, lapis, and gold.) must have 10 pray points
    basically /tpa were you request to teleport to a player 1 pray point required
    pray points: (yes.... p.p.)
    obtained by killing mobs 100 mobs= 1 ...pp..... yes, pp killing the enderdragon 3 pp killing the wither is 5 pp killing nether mobs 50 nether mobs is 1 pp. killing 5 players WITHOUT dieing = 1 pp
    each player starts of with one chunk of land yes a 16x16 chunk of land and can expand it by doing /expand {number} it cost .5 pp to expand 1 block so on a 16x16 home typeing /expand 1 would make it a 17x17 home and this is expanded to bedrock and up to hight limit nobody except for you can edit your home
    friend list
    /friend {name} [friend, bff] to friend some1 they have to be on your team and only your team they will be able to edit your home (you can tp to friends) bffs can edit chests and your home.
    that is all i home somebody makes this plugin it would help me out a lot thank you very much!
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

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    This would be awesome if someone can make it
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    This would be a big project for me, but it's worth a shot. I'll keep you updated.
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    I'm currently working on a miniate type plugin, but its just a side project for me not sure if i would have it done anytime soon xD

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    So, I've spent the whole day getting the main part of this plugin done. It's 4:15am now, so I'm going to sleep, probably have a horrible day at school. I'll try implement more of the features tomorrow.
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    I'm about 90% done I'll be uploading my version to github when I have the time, I'll be finishing the last 10% in the next few days over the time that I have free ;).
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    Nice dude. Does it include all the features he specified? Mine's already on GitHub but isn't really feature complete.
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    Yeah, i kinda made a list of the features going though each of them as i make the plugin. :)
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    I'm done! https://github.com/SuperiorCallz/Mianite and EDIT: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url> jar file![/url]
    Almost everything you requested is added, except a couple things.

    Not yet added:
    Land protection w/ expansions
    Friends list

    Everything else is done. I'm not going to bother with the above, so anyone feel free to add them using my git :)
    This has definitely been my biggest project. I hope you don't mind the few shameless plugs I included :3 :D
    Also, definitely PM me the IP of the server you'll be using this on, I'd love to check it out in use. :)

    EDIT: I've uploaded this plugin to Bukkit Dev. I'll post it here when it gets approved! :)
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    [quote uid=90711975 name="ariaDEE" post=2752289]I'm done! https://github.com/SuperiorCallz/Mianite and <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url> file[/url]!
    Although I didn't implement every feature you requested , most of them are there.

    Not yet added:
    Land protection w/ expansions
    Friends list

    Everything else is done. I'm not going to bother with the above, so anyone feel free to add them using my git :)
    This has definitely been my biggest project. I hope you don't mind the few shameless plugs I included :3 :D[/quote]
    nice I'm going a little more in depth then 2 class files xD
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    Doing it though Teams on a scoreboard idk why XD, trying to add alot of effects etc.
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    Can someone please really explain to me what Mianite is? I am really interested in making a Mianite server. Thanks. - Jack Badger
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    Sure, dude! Mianite is basically a Minecraft server which a group of YouTubers do a let's play on (they stream it using http://twitch.tv and then upload the footage to YouTube) It started off as just a server that they can do survivaly stuff on and use as video content, but they soon started adding 'Gods' which they follow and there has been a lot of lore/story/fantasy added with each 'God'. There was recently a huge war between two of these Gods and everyone seems to love it, it's really enjoyable :) I personally watch Syndicate's PoV of things: http://www.youtube.com/TheSyndicateProject but you can watch CaptainSparklez, SeaNanners, Jericho, OMGitsfirefoxx and a few other YouTubers side as well.

    Feel free to use my plugin on a server, PM me and maybe we can start it up together :)
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    I've added it to my plugins but when I get in the server I do /ianite and it says it's an unknown command.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    BIG AL 117

    TheTrueReality did you end up finishing your version of mianite yet?

    Also, how do you leave a team? I joined Ianite and now I dont know how to leave.

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