Solved Method to generate a "radius"

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Creeoer, Nov 13, 2014.

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    Bascially, how would I use the x y and z of a player location to generate a "radius."
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    Creeoer A radius of what, exactly?...
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    ShadowLAX Does it matter? I'm a shy bit fuzzy on locations, of course I could create a new location out of the constructor but that isn't the point. And it wouldn't matter what radius it was, I'm not sure if you could create like 16 different location variables representing the directions of the x y and z.
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    I ended up just taking the x and z and doing every single + and - operating I could do to it I can and check if that is in faction's land, thanks anyway.
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    how to generate a raidus:
    d / 2
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    The only thing funny was about how you spelled "radius" incorrectly...
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    crap always get that wrong ^^
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    ChipDev yo are you really good at configing plugins and stuff?
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    Read the documentation.
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    It depends what you want to use this radius for. If you simply want to check if one location is within another location based on a radius, you could use Location#getDistance(Location) <= radius. You might have to look more into this.
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    I'm not sure if you understand what a radius really is. A radius is just a number representing the length between the middle and the edge of a circle. The number 5 could be a radius just like any other positive number.

    You need to be more precise in what you really want here.
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    Rocoty I solved this a few days ago, should probaly change the title. What I did was add +10 and -10 to every x and z position of the location in every order possible to allow me to check all areas possible, which works fine for me at the momement.
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