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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Appljuze, Jun 18, 2012.

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    For some reason, any messages that are displayed by the server to the player show up twice, such as the essentials /say command. The only chat formatting plugin i have is essentialschat. Any idea why this is happening? Or which plugins could be causing it?
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    Any idea why we can't answer?
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    Hello Appljuze,
    That is a known issue with the SpoutCraft client.
    By any chance , are the users experiencing that issue using spoutcraft?
    If they are , Be sure to let them know to update there clients to development builds.
    As it should be fixed in the newer versions.
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    I'm using the Minecraft launcher, not spoutcraft. Is there any way the spout plugin could be the issue?
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    Yeah im going to guess that , that is a possible issue as well.
    You can try removing it and see.
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    Just tried, still happening. This is quite weird :confused:
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    Mind 'ing your full startup log.
    Also your /plugin list and your craftbukkit version :)
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    I have this problem with McMyAdmin. It shows up twice but it only shows up in the clients that are connected
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    I get this problem with WorldManager
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    EDIT: realized later that this is a dead thread.
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