Merry Christmas!

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Merry Christmas! Or Santa

    What I want:
    I know there are a few Christmas plugins around but non of them provide the features i have just come up with!

    Basically player gets a block like Glass (Configurable in Config) and type a command like /cmas set when they place the block it will disappear but will set where Santa will visit them. Then on the 25 Of December a chest will spawn in the selected area with Christmas presents for the player :D (Presents are configurable in Config).

    This would be great because players can make their own Christmas trees and have Santa visit them :D. (Add the ability so players can't have their chest on the same area as others and so players chest are locked to the player, if you must add a hook please use Secure Chest as the plugin to hook to.)

    Also add the feature so players can only have one chest.

    Extra Fun Features (Would be nice if this was added too):

    If A Player places a chest and puts X amount of cookies and X amount of Milk and use the command /cmas santa and click on the chest. Then only during the 25 of December a Santa NPC will spawn where the chest was (the chest is removed with its content) and Santa will only stay for the one day. (Maybe add a hook with Citizens).

    So the player "Santa" is actually a steve so maybe add the option to define a playername to use as santa that way we can put the server owner, Notch or something to that effect.

    (I know there are plugins for this but im just going to say it anyways) The option for players to send gift to each other and the gift are put into their Christmas chest! When the chest is opened for the first time the player will see a book (Or a message in chat) that tells them what Santa brought and the gifts that a player gave him/her. Maybe when a chest is full when a player tries to do /cmas send <playername> it says "Wow, <playername>'s Christmas Tree is Full! Wait until he comes online to give him it!

    And Maybe a Custom Message when a player opens their Christmas chest to (Configurable In Config) something like, "Merry Christmas! From CraftVille!"

    Ideas for commands:
    • /cmas set
    • /cmas santa
    • /cmas who
    • /cmas send <playername>
    • /cmas disable
    • /cmas enable
    • /cmas remove <playername> Remove the present for that player
    Ideas for permissions:
    • cmas.use.*
    • cmas.use.set
    • cmas.use.who
    • cmas.use.send
    • cmas.use.santa
    • cmas.admin
    When I'd like it by: A Few Days Before Christmas :D
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    Thanks :D Just had a thought, Maybe let Santa can stay a few days (Configurable in Config) since a few players (and I) can be very busy with family during the Christmas time :).

    Just thought of Another Feature, I'll add it to the post

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    Awesome idea and nice detailed description! Maybe I will do this if there isn't anybody else here. The "send items to another christmaschest" function might be a bit tricky to solve but such things make coding interesting^^. I will post here again if I start coding this, till then everybody feel free to claim this project ;)
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    This is Great :D I Just got the Advent Calendar Plugin so my server are excited for Christmas!

    I don't think anyone else is willing to do this D:, coul you take the time to do it? Anything i can do to help ill be more then happy to do :D

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  6. I would do this, but im not THAT advanced in coding :p im pretty good though xD
  7. How about instead of 'cmas' do 'xmas'
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    Na I don't like the idea of calling Christmas xmas since they're taking out the Christ in Christmas, but thats just my opinion
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    would it be better if all the chests is in one place?
    what i mean is like make a HUUUUGE christmas tree wherever, then put a bunch of chests around it
    and all this chest is linked to each other(making it contents updated if an item is removed on any linked chest).but the contents of the chests will be different on every a virtual inventory
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    Maybe, but I think a player having the choice where their presents should be placed would be a better idea, since allot of servers use Towny (Like I do), players can build a big tree and just tell everyone to set their chest to that area.

    And, I already built a tree in my house :p
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    nah, i think my idea was better(not to sound like an a-hole)...huge tree in a center, all players will have a present from santa automatically, tele all people there on 25th, and the party started...disable all damages or whatever on that area, make some games in that area or something, everybody having fun on christmas day
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    But many players probably wont be online of Christmas day and giving the players a choice to where the presents should be is part of the fun as well this way it also gives anyone a chance to make a big tree with games around etc. And just tell the players either a auto broadcaster on server or on website to go to /warp whatever and place their presents there, OR the developer could add both our feature request (If it's not too much trouble) and you can decide which method in the Config?
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    i'll try to make this then
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    To whoever is making this (I don't know which one of you three), I just made an NPC named "Santa" and was sad to see that he had no skin, no one likes a stevey Santa so maybe Notch could play the role of Santa?
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    So, update will you guys be doing it or have you started it?
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    i hope Conan is doing it, I started other projects after heraring he is willing to ;)
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    Oh ok, :)

    ConanEdogawa Will you be making this?

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    Christmas is getting close! I don't think conan will be making this will someone else be willing? sickredstuff if you had the time maybe you?
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    Ok I can code this if you want.
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    I could work on this aswell. ;) Would be a pretty nice plugin, if you ask me.
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    The_Coder @Rprr well Christmas is just four days away D: I think its too late now.
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    Oh! oh! Santa could be an enderman with an alternating red-white wool block on his head!

    If I wasn't at work I could make this in about 20 minutes. I'm sure someone else could do the same.
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    I also heard in 1.4.6 Mojang are adding NPC Santas but im not too sure about that.
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    andrewpo So will you be making this?
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    Don't have enough free time at the moment >.< It wouldn't take an experienced developer very long, I'm sure you'll find someone ;D
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    Oh well.

    2 Days left :/
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    im gunna follow this thread, this is an amazing idea, you should turn this itnto a long run plugi!
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    Yeah, I really want to see someone make it. It'd be pretty awesome. I just hope whoever decides to do it really CAN make it in "20 minutes." lol
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    Some people arn't religous, including me.
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    I don't want to turn this into a religious debate aslong as the plugin is made im happy.

    One more day left it. :oops:

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