[MERGED][MECH] MobControl merged with CrowdControl

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by WinSock, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Version 1.5 dosent use org.bukkit
    main: com.WinSock.MobControl.MobControlPlugin
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    I'm wondering the same, would it be possible to get these two settings, so that we could "block" certain mobs above a set block level? For example, so that mobs only spawn below block level 60 or something and not above ground in any way.

    Would be sad for caves above ground, but I guess many could live with that.
    Especially on creative servers like the one I'm running, it would be awesome for those who maintain their caves to find mobs every now and then. While people above ground, creating their amazing buildings won't have any creepers running around and blowing their creations up into thin air.

    Cause I wouldn't like to disable creeper explosions, those are great :D
    But to be able to prevent certain mobs above sealevel, that would be totally awesome and much appreciated by many.

    Other than that, awesome work WinSock! [​IMG]
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    I just downloaded MobControl.jar from the link in the OP here but got the same org.bukkit namespace error as andrewpo. Has the link been updated to reflect the latest build?
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    [WARNING] Using the stupidly long constructor com.WinSock.MobControl.MobControlPlugin(PluginLoader, Server, PluginDescriptionFile, File, File, ClassLoader) is no longer recommended. Go nag the plugin author of MobControl to remove it! (Nothing is broken, we just like to keep code clean.)
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    Yes, i downloaded it to make sure.
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    Please update to newer builds ;)
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    Ah, I'm using the latest iterations of craftbukkit though - Is it compatible with CB [453+]?
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    Probably not, what a bad time to start implementing a major feature :p.
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    before you update to newer builds, would you mind releasing a version for 432 without the new major feature?
  11. Dont make it need above the recommended version - 440 - please

    Also - I made chances all 400% but no more mobs appear - I need a way to make nights more scary, so even if you're stuck with waiting for an event that gens a mob, please then make it gen eg/ 4 mobs instead of 1, if 400% - so people can tweak it. Or just have a parameter (node) for "Gen How Many:" for each mob. Thanks!
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    Thats pure evil.

    Maybe we just need an update?
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    This is a great plugin idea. However I have not been able to get it work correctly. I have just creepers and zombies spawn, both are set to passive and the zombies set to burn: False. The creepers work correctly but the zombies still attack and burn in the sunlight.

    Please update to CB 440 and I think it should work then!

    Feature Request:
    Ability to turn damage on and off for each mob.
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    Sounds like a very cool pluging, i'm certainly dl'ing this when it supports 440 :)
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    To all people please give me some time, I started the major feature before all of the plugin breaking builds. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this causes many server's but rest assured I will get an update by tonight!
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    That's cool. Just please make sure it works with the recommended build.
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    Yay! Thank you very much :)
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    Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for all of your hard work on a Sunday!!! We all appreciate your time! We're just really excited to have fun with your creation.
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    Ok here is a quick blooper i made of a funny thing that happened when making this plugin.
    (Note it might still be processing)
    --- merged: Feb 28, 2011 4:13 AM ---
    Sorry guys i tried o get the update out tonight but my spawning code lag's the server to the point were nothing can be done. So major optimization is needed before release.
  20. is this updated to work with cb 450+ yet ?
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    Read the post above you..

    I read that as, not yet..
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    Hi there! First off, wanted to say thanks for the work towards this plugin. While I've only seen this plugin in action in a minimal form to now, it's been a lot of fun having the added "stance" options for mobs (passive/aggressive/neutral). My friends who play on my server have a great time herding up animals and such, too. hehe.

    There were a few things I wanted to make note of for you:

    a) Stupidly Long Constructor changes by Bukkit:
    2011-02-28 11:29:40 [WARNING] Using the stupidly long constructor com.WinSock.MobControl.MobControlPlugin(PluginLoader, Server, PluginDescriptionFile, File, File, ClassLoader) is no longer recommended. Go nag the plugin author of MobControl to remove it! (Nothing is broken, we just like to keep code clean.)

    b) Critters (e.g. chickens, mobs, etc.) that are usually passive behave neutral when changed to aggressive in the settings. I have been unsuccessful in getting them to behave aggressively straight-out. They must be hit first.

    c) Changing height has no change on any mob/animal spawns.

    Hope this is useful for you! Looking forward to seeing the stable updates for 440+. Best of luck!
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    Any luck WinSock?
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    I'm going as fast as i can but during the week schooling takes priority. And implementing a spawning system isn't that easy :p.
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    Take your time, study goes first. We can wait :)
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    I will be excited when this is working again. Aggressive chickens for my players!
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    No, Minecraft goes first, study can wait [​IMG] j/k.
    Yeah, we can wait :)
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    I can wait too, but the people on my server are impatient -.- But take your time :) love the plugin, LOL at the bug :DD
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    Sorry people i'm stuck in Michigan with a netbook... I can code but cannot test or host a test server. I might make some untested builds to fix the bugs but warning these could screw up a lot if i make huge bugs.
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    I can be your tester [​IMG]
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    Goddamn is there any place you can get decent sodimm in okemos, MI lol. Eclipse is running slowly with only a gig of ram.

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