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    Problem one. I have no idea if I should buy i7 Xeon or just i7. Anyone have any suggestions? Problem 2: WTH IS A RAID CARD?? Is it REALLY important to a server? Please don't just answer me with yes or nos, but give reasons. Thanks!

    Btw, thanks for any [future] help!

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    if your just hosting 1 server, then get the i7. if you want to host many servers at once then go with the Xeon

    also, a raid card takes 2 hard drives and maked them "clones" of each other. that way if you have a harddrive crash, you still have all the data on the other drive and nothing is lost. it can also boost the performance of your server, depending on what configuration you have it in. personally if you want a performance boost go with an SSD, as a good SSD can easliy have tripple the performance of a normal hard drive.
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