Memory Goes Up ~ Won't Come Back Down

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by ButtChew, Sep 30, 2011.

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    Running 1.8.1 on #1185

    I have been tinkering with my server, trying every method I can think of. When I start my server up, no players connected, it just sits idle around 250-300MB. Will stay like that forever. Once a member or two connect, it spikes up a bit as expected. RAM usage will slowly rise, and when I really want it to rise I just have myself and maybe some others fly around which always produces a jump in the memory usage.

    Once my memory usage gets up to the 1.5GB+ range, I can have everyone disconnect and the memory usage won't go down, not even 1 MB. My initial thoughts was a memory leak, but it doesn't rise either. Just stays at the last max value it reached.

    I also shouldn't be getting over 1.5GB of memory used with only 2-3 people on the server ...

    I was using Hawkeye, and disabled the majority of the tasking log tasks which stopped the RAM from rising quite rapidly, and recently I have removed Hawkeye completely just to be safe.

    Same thing though, memory usage will go up (even if its super slow at times) but will NEVER go down. Are there chunk unloading issues? Anyone else have this problem?

    I'm running the "Adventure" tier server through RedStoneHost (RAMDisk server, 3.6GB RAM, 5GB burst) so even though I'm not even using 50% of my memory, it bugs me that memory is never dumping ... it's like useless info is just being held somewhere and it won't let go without a restart.

    If it's worth mentioning, my CPU rarely goes above 20-30%, it's never been close to a problem yet.
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    I am getting the same exact problem. However I am not running Hawkeye. My server goes up to 1.2GB usage through the day then doesn't go back down as people leave. A server should not require 1.2GB ram to only have 3 people online.
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    I removed Hawkeye just to be sure. I sincerely hope that all these problems (server performance wise) are kinks still being worked out by Mojang / Bukkit /etc, and not an indication of what 1.9+ server requirements will be.
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    This is a known MC bug, deal with it, and I bet my both balls that this will never be fixed. Why ? Mojang doesn't know how to code. It's a fact, don't come with that lame ass "It's a beta" thing, just wait till the game get released, it will NEVER be able to support a huge number of players (btw: my server is a 500+, with VERY low TPS indeed).

    Each new version Mojang shit even more on the MC multiplayer. While they are busy with a "secret new game" that I bet my two balls again will never get even closer MC success, the game (MC Multiplayer) is currently a lame-laggy-crappy pile of shit.

    I'm sick of this, each new version, just waiting for a fuckin' miracle, since 1.2, yeah! The miracle will never come, because Mojang already give us all a hint with every new version they PUKE. The game is getting crappier and crappier and crappier.

    Want an example ? Just take that garbage 1.8.1 version they puke to us, that couldn't even host more than 80 players out-of-the-box without completly crash/lag as hell. This, while there are ALREADY servers with more than 500 players playing at the same time.

    Yes, while Jeb_ is busy trying to put a fuckin' snow man NPC, the multiplayer code is simple and purely: TRASH.

    Get over it.
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    Bugs & glitches are expected in every release. This is far from it. In 1.7.3, you could run 40 members on a server with 3-4 gigs of ram with no problem typically. Servers now chew up 2-3 gigs of RAM with less than 5 members on.

    This is a known MC bug? No one knows what is causing it though. I'm just sharing my experiences with 1.8.1 server performance, I don't need to "get over" anything ... I'm not the one raging. Just discussing.
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    You don't have indeed a reason to rage, you own a very small server.

    btw: Having problem with a 40+ server is just your negligence. Maybe someday will you have at least HALF of the players I host today, then you will start raging at mojang as well.

    Also there are ALREADY A THREAD if you want share your "experiences" with 1.8.1.

    So I'm officialy making this thread the RAGING THREAD.

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    Since when is a 100 player server considered very small?

    Post your server IP, I'd love to test your server.

    Trolls will be trolls.
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    Can i have both? (ptweaks and nolagg)
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    Just an FYI, the RAM allocation/deallocation is entirely based on what the JVM wants to do, not Minecraft. Minecraft could free 100% of it's used memory and the JVM would still hold it.
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    I fixed this problem on my server, disabling water/lava flow logging.
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    You two should collaborate, and create the ultimate server optimizing plugin available!

    Seriously. Do it.
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    Java will wait until it HAS to free up ram before it will. Use -Xincgc in your .bat if you want to do smaller collections more often. Also check out lagmem for memory AND tps numbers
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    Where can I get lagmem at?
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    Its a bukkit plugin, so hopefully in the get plugins tab.
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